December 13 2016


I dislike the fact that I am faced with, as a night owl, is that I am lazy, which is wrong. I stay up late doing nothing more than browsing Twitter. Which, OK, doesn’t sound like the worst life if you ask me, and those are definitely two out of many things that we do while I am not sleeping. But there is a lot more to being a night owl than doing nothing; namely, getting things done that just don’t seem possible during the noise of the daytime. This could be reading or writing, or even plotting. I’d be lying, though, if I said that I never get distracted or procrastinate when I’m staying up late. Because I definitely do sometimes, and I know I’m not the only one.  Staying up late isn’t really a problem, unless my sleep schedule literally consists of just a couple of hours each night. The important thing is to be sure I get enough hours of sleep, even if I am staying up later than the average person.

Beginning today I am making a resolution to stop hitting the snooze button! I will stop being envious of all my friends who wakes up naturally and try becoming a morning person myself.  For me the night sky is a source of inspiration. An inspiration to make my dreams happen. It gives the courage to bring about change. Yes, change. As scary it is to read, I have felt the need to become a morning person. The world functions better during day. I have understood that  I end up wasting half of the day when I wake up late. Waking up itself is a task, the sleep-hangover after that is even worse. There is so much I could accomplish if only I am well rested and energized enough to make an early start to the day. Timely sleeping helps a lot health wise. When I sleep late and have no option but to wake up early, the fatigue is much more pronounced. And trying to catch up on pending sleep becomes very difficult when the work log is huge. With all these thoughts in mind, I want to make a resolution to myself to be a morning person! Breaking a habit that has been a part of me for over 6years is not easy. I will be requiring baby steps to over come myself as a night owl. I know it is not simple but not impossible too. One has to undergo challenges to emerge victorious. If this former night owl can learn to love mornings (and morning exercises too, no less), anyone can!

This post is written for Blogchatter’s prompt for the week – BEGINNING TODAY

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