December 14 2016

#WedShadow Week 6

Love (for me) always provided an immense boost of extra motivation. You kind of stop living just for yourself, and start considering how your actions can affect this other person. Your mind, heart, and the rest of your body doesn’t want to disappoint them, or make a mistake that could cost them, or cost you this person. I have this bad habit of falling into a nihilistic frame of mind when I’m alone. Having this fear was good for me. I worked where I otherwise wouldn’t have, finding energy I wasn’t even aware was in me. Love allowed me to test the boundaries of my virtues. I don’t think I would have figured out who I am, what I truly want(ed), and have learned as much about people without it. Life would have more of a monotonous tone than it already does, and I can only view myself without it as Robotic in a sense. The concept of love in itself is enough to keep me alive. I want to experience it again, more than I want to die. I can’t really say that about anything else. The biggest shortcoming is needing someone to love you back for it to last. For it to really mean anything after repeat endeavors. Love, It’s such a powerful addiction.

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  1. Everyone’s addicted to something in some shape or form. What are things you can’t go without?
  2. Write about your shopping wishlist and how you like to spend money.

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December 14 2016

Letter to Mr Right

Adorable my Mr Right,

I’m writing you this letter because I have chosen to spend the rest of my days with you. It means a lot to me, and hopefully to you.  I want you to understand my thoughts and feelings and I feel they are best expressed in writing.

I believe it is wrong if a man and woman commit to each other for reasons other than love. It is really important for us to be in love with each other. A man who understands and accepts me in the way I am is someone I desire for. It is a natural feeling to have a companion in life and I am no exception.  So Mr Right do you exist, are you around? Is it really a fact when people say there is someone out for everyone?

Perfectly flawed. Wonderfully organised. A lovely Human Being. Loves writing and reading. A well known blogger. Music and movie enthusiast. Finds happiness in simple things. Enjoys exploring new places. Appreciates beaches and nature. Coffee is weakness. Totally mesmerized by acts of love. Dreams of visiting Paris.

I am sure you have understood all these are about me, without me telling you directly. I know you are intelligent, my Mr Right. I am tough and I have many expectations. I expect you to love me. I do not wish that you do something for me because you feel you are obliged to do so. Please do them out of your love for me. I hope we are able to trust each other completely. I trust that you keep my heart in a safe place and look after it as I would do the same for yours.

I don’t wish us a flawless marriage, because I don’t believe in reaching for impossibilities, nor do I believe that precision means accomplishment.  I would never stand in between you and what makes you happy because I want to see you happy always. And I hope you would want the same for me too.  I wish us a marriage free of technology. A marriage that we may choose to share bits and pieces of, but that is never controlled by the colossal of social media and the internet. I do not claim to know everything and I hope you do not either. I hope we both motivate one another to be the best side of ourselves for each other and for ourselves. I hope we grow as a couple as we spend more time together, learning about us. I know I would be proud to have you as my husband and I hope you are proud of being my husband too. I hope we both will thrive for success together and never leave the other one behind under any conditions. I hope we will look out for each other and take care of each other and lookout each other because that’s what we do for love.

I cannot wait to know how it feels like to hold your hand, to kiss you, to be wrapped in your arms and to be in the charisma of your body heat cuddling in bed. I cannot wait to know how it feels like to be loved by you. I cannot wait to look into your eyes and see that you love me with that look that makes my heart melt and beats a little too fast. I cannot wait to see the smile on your face when we wake up beside each other every morning.

I wish you the happiness because I love you and most of all, I wish you heart palpitations, even after every quick look at me, it still feels like the first for you and your heart beats just a little faster with the fact that this person (me) is yours.

Your awesome wife (in waiting)

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