#WedShadow Week 6

Love (for me) always provided an immense boost of extra motivation. You kind of stop living just for yourself, and start considering how your actions can affect this other person. Your mind, heart, and the rest of your body doesn’t want to disappoint them, or make a mistake that could cost them, or cost you this person. I have this bad habit of falling into a nihilistic frame of mind when I’m alone. Having this fear was good for me. I worked where I otherwise wouldn’t have, finding energy I wasn’t even aware was in me. Love allowed me to test the boundaries of my virtues. I don’t think I would have figured out who I am, what I truly want(ed), and have learned as much about people without it. Life would have more of a monotonous tone than it already does, and I can only view myself without it as Robotic in a sense. The concept of love in itself is enough to keep me alive. I want to experience it again, more than I want to die. I can’t really say that about anything else. The biggest shortcoming is needing someone to love you back for it to last. For it to really mean anything after repeat endeavors. Love, It’s such a powerful addiction.

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Today’s Prompts:

  1. Everyone’s addicted to something in some shape or form. What are things you can’t go without?
  2. Write about your shopping wishlist and how you like to spend money.

We had 4 bloggers who submitted their entries and this week’s winners are Geethica and Zainab. Congratulations for marking impression on #WedShadow by your wonderful blog post.🙂

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