December 17 2016

3 Blogs I am thankful for reading

Thank You  Amrita &  Tina For Choosing Me As Winner Of #Thankful Thursday Week 6. I wanted to take a moment to extend my most sincere thanks for selecting me as a Winner of weekly prompt. I am so humbled to have been chosen for this award knowing that there were many qualified contestants . You have no idea how happy I was when I received notification that I was selected as the winner. It was such a surprise. You can read my winning post here. 

3 Blogs I am thankful for reading 

1. Between Write and Wrong : To start the topic, I would like to say that ‘book reviewing’ is an easy work. So if you talk about book reviewing online, then Sakshi is doing a wonderful job. I am thankful to her reviews because her book reviews are general in tone and do not contain any unnecessary information. The reviews are insightful, point to point, in good language, and most importantly in general and candid tone.

2. Passionate About Baking : As the name suggests, it’s a food blog about baking, cooking, food photography, food trends, cuisines and cultures. Deeba Rajpal believes in ‘Doing Food From Scratch’ and her posts reflect the same. She loves baking with fruits, baking whole grain bread, exploring new ingredients, alternative flours, gluten free foods etc. She writes an online baking blog for the Times of India in the name – The Rabid Baker. I am thankful to her for my baking recipes and her amazing posts. 

3. Vanity No Apologies: Vanity No Apologies is not just a beauty website but a global reference and resource for beauty enthusiasts featuring in-depth reviews, beauty news, photos, DIYs, tutorials, beauty tips along with popular features such as Top 10. I read a lot of beauty and fashion blogs in my spare time, this blog is definitely one of them. I thank this blog for giving me absolutely superb reviews on beauty products. 

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December 17 2016

The melancholy of flowers

He drinks tea daily at Alia’s tomb, trying to get together his life from the broken state.

He doesn’t tell a soul other than the God about his mourning. There is still something about being so close to where one can smell the flowers planted in reminiscence of his beloved that eases his heart.

He doesn’t speak of the loss which he buried it under her tomb. It will eventually come back for his sense. He will try and probably fail to be ready.

The grey in his beard mocks him each time he sees himself. All these existence time has him apart! All these years! She was young and beautiful and full of love to give. And he was blind to her presence.

The life he has lived, the memories made, the days spent, sums to nothing without her any longer.  He, the sad maiden here, wishes the unattainable; himself affianced to a greying king in another land of mind.

No longer in a poetic mood, he finishes his tea and looks into the calm pool of water where he sees his own reflection and Alia’s tomb behind him.

This post is written for Blogchatter’s prompt for the week – INTERNATIONAL TEA DAY

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December 17 2016

In my bag #FridayReflections

My bag is like my best friend. It comes with me everywhere and holds my stuff in it. One of the keys to a happy and successful life is being organized. When it comes to items in my bag, they are also very minimal and only those which I need. I switch my bags every week but I make sure the items are the same in them.

  1. My wallet and cash holder – 2 of the main essentials.
  2. Chocolates – I love munching something all the time.
  3. Lip balm. Is there anything worse than finding yourself with chapped lips and nothing to salvage the situation? I always have some form of lip conditioner with me at all times.
  4. I feel like it’s more hygienic to use your own pen, plus I like how uniball writes. I’m not a germaphobe, I just think it’s a good idea.
  5. Ipad – This is such a ridiculously nice device, and goes with me just about everywhere.
  6. Book – yes to kill my time in waiting or travelling.
  7. Notepad – I always write by hand. Hence I always carry my journal with me; and if it’s not in my hand, it’s likely in my book-bag.

One thing there is always there is small pack of tissues. There are so many instances when they came to my rescue, especially when I got the case of the sniffs, spilled a drink and needed to wipe my fingers. I never know when I get a headache or muscle cramp. Always have a sheet of painkiller and muscle cream in my bag. I always keep a bunch of bobby pins tied together with a hair tie. I cannot even begin tell you how many times this little bundle has saved me from serious hair hang-ups.

Now it’s your turn to show off the contents of your purse. What do the goodies inside your bag say about you?

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