The Bougainvillea Bloom

“Plant yourself like a bougainvillea in my heart, bloom into my mind until there’s nothing left dividing us, taking our love to a new horizon.” 

Picture courtesy: Clicked by me on 21st December 2016 at Shilparamam, Hyderabad. 

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Wordy Wednesday #1

This Week: Word Prompts





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“Aspire to Inspire Before I Expire”

I superb love this quote. It has been included in my book of quotes, which I keep on my desk and refer it daily. I believe we all need to live life to its fullest because we never know what may arrive tomorrow. To me, living life to its fullest is to love unconditionally, talking often to my family, learning something new daily, looking for challenges, taking risks, smiling at strangers, and being a good friend. I always thank people who help make my life comfortable: grocery clerks, taxi drivers, trash collectors and apartment staff.

One of the best things that you can do is be an inspiration to someone else.  I think I have always wanted to help others, but I never considered that I was an inspiration until I was told by others that my message helped them. If you want to help others move ahead in their life, tell your story.  Share your failures, success and about you.  It does not matter if you think it is important or not, because you never know who can gain from your story. If you just make a conscious decision to Inspire one person by being interested in what is going on in their life. To enhance our life, it is a great ideal to enhance the lives of others.  I’m not talking about always giving money; you can give advice or kind words.  If you are always on the giving in of life, you are guaranteed to aspire and inspire.

“Life is a journey, not a destination,” and that “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” How true. So let us all get out there tomorrow and days after that and live life to its fullest and, in doing so, be inspirational in lots of ways.

This post is written for Wordy Wednesday #1– January 2017 #BARWoWe

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10 Day You Challenge | Nine Loves

LOVE is a strong word. And thus, love is very easy to give and receive for me.  Describing or even enumerating the 9 loves of my life is not going to be tough task. I hope!

  1. I love reading. I have been reading since like forever. For any average Indian, if he/she says he/she is a voracious reader, it means that his/her reads consists of Harry Potters, Chetan Bhagat and may be the Shiva Trilogy. I am not that kind of a reader though. And I am too glad to boast about that. From the classics to the modern day fictions to respectable Indian authors to comics to newspaper, I just love reading.
  2. Music is healing, music is therapy, and music is something that words can’t define. My ipad have always been my saviour. Whether I am in the kitchen or on the laptop or on the go music is always on.
  3. I love eating out. Good company and good food, yes, they make my day. I love going to various places, exploring the food they offer there.
  4. Whether it’s here on the blog, or for my own private viewing or for the book that I dream to write someday. Blogging and writing is something I have grown to love and treasure.
  5. I love myself and I think it’s really important for everyone one of us to do so.
  6. Ice cream, because it’s the best food on the planet.
  7. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE that first moment after slipping into bed. I love stretching out my legs and feeling the coolness of the sheets.
  8. I’ve written/deleted/rewritten/deleted a number of things just now I want to say about coffee. There are no right words, all of the examples I want to mention still don’t do it justice. I want to write a book about my relationship with coffee. Heavy sigh.
  9. I can keep looking at it for hours and not get bored of doing that. It soothes my eyes. However, I never exactly know what they are keeping looking for out there.It calms my soul and gives me peace.. the night sky, for most of it.

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