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“Aspire to Inspire Before I Expire”

I superb love this quote. It has been included in my book of quotes, which I keep on my desk and refer it daily. I believe we all need to live life to its fullest because we never know what may arrive tomorrow. To me, living life to its fullest is to love unconditionally, talking often to my family, learning something new daily, looking for challenges, taking risks, smiling at strangers, and being a good friend. I always thank people who help make my life comfortable: grocery clerks, taxi drivers, trash collectors and apartment staff.

One of the best things that you can do is be an inspiration to someone else.  I think I have always wanted to help others, but I never considered that I was an inspiration until I was told by others that my message helped them. If you want to help others move ahead in their life, tell your story.  Share your failures, success and about you.  It does not matter if you think it is important or not, because you never know who can gain from your story. If you just make a conscious decision to Inspire one person by being interested in what is going on in their life. To enhance our life, it is a great ideal to enhance the lives of others.  I’m not talking about always giving money; you can give advice or kind words.  If you are always on the giving in of life, you are guaranteed to aspire and inspire.

“Life is a journey, not a destination,” and that “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” How true. So let us all get out there tomorrow and days after that and live life to its fullest and, in doing so, be inspirational in lots of ways.

This post is written for Wordy Wednesday #1– January 2017 #BARWoWe

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  1. Awesome! You have included the prompts brilliantly and oh yes, I love that quote. It’s imperative to be better humans especially considering how the world is now.

  2. The quote is pretty interesting!
    It’s in the little ways that we can inspire people to be nicer human beings. You’ve stitched up all the prompts beautifully, Roms 🙂

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