January 6 2017

10 Day You Challenge | Eight Fears

  1. Fear of being crippled and dependent – Fear the day when I will need support for the smallest of the things
  2. Fear of Old Age – yes I fear old age; wonder how I will react at that age. How healthy will I be? How lonely will I be? How will I cope with everything on my own?
  3. Fear of not being needed anymore – Yes let’s face it it’s great to be needed and I fear the day when no one will need me may be that will lead to no one wants me
  4. Fear of not being able to talk – it’s no secret that I love to talk. I can’t imagine myself in a situation where I can’t talk.
  5. Fear of losing my phone – It is one way I connect with many people.
  6. Fear my laptop will explode someday; it has already started giving me signals. I need a new laptop already.
  7. Fear of water – Water is the most powerful force, according to me. The floods, tsunamis and other water related natural disasters scare the crap out of me at times. And when water combines with other force like air, they result in even worse disasters. And that is the only reason why I am scared of it. 
  8. Fear of missing a flight or a train – I behave like a total obsessed the days I have to catch a flight/train.




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