January 8 2017


#HappySunday #LinkParty #6

#HappySunday #LinkParty

Welcome Lovely Bloggers!

I have been having a great party this week and am enjoying it thoroughly. It is with immense pleasure that I am announcing the featured blogger of #HappySunday #5.

Simple Indian Moms Focus
#HappySunday #LinkParty

Romila is a freelance writer/editor/book reviewer and a blogger. Her enthusiasm has overwhelmed me. She takes special interest in #HappySunday #LinkParty and has always linked up first. I am extremely happy to have her as my cohost for this week. Welcome On Board Romila!

#HappySunday #LinkParty #6

So here we are with the #HappySunday linky party! Go ahead and link your favorite posts. The following are the rules, I would like each participating member to follow the rules for better results.

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 Special Feature of This Week – A Prompt

This week is special in a lot of ways and to make it even more special I am coming up with a prompt to write. In fact I have been asked for a prompt from many bloggers, and I have been wanting to write on something very important and so here we are with the prompt for this week.

#BangaloreMolestation #LinkParty
#BangaloreMolestation #LinkParty

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January 8 2017

Old is Gold

Kishore da songs are the heartbeat of music to me. I am grown up listening to him from childhood and I feel attached to him when I listen to him. The legend’s birth anniversary falls on 4th of August, August is the month of monsoon and I was travelling on a rainy day from Jaipur to home that night. The weather was pleasant that day and I just love listening to my favourite music in the dim light of road. The drive was smooth; rain droplets entered and were falling on face through the opened window glass.
Happiness for me isn’t measured in terms of shopping or having a luxurious life, but it is long drive on cold nights, listening to radio or hugging the winds on the early summer morning days riding on my active, when the air is fresh and roads are empty. Ahhah, even writing this experience makes me happy and that night was one such beautiful morning. The radio RJ was super that day; He was talking and playing Kishore da hits.
I don’t need a better reason to fall for his sleepy voice, as he was talking about my crush. From that radio session I got to know that Kishore Da had four wives, He is known as the magical artist of India for his breath-taking performances.
He worked with Devanand sir, Big B, Rajesh Khanna. He worked in 100 movies and directed 8 films. Rajesh Khanna and Kishore Kumar the deadly combination Jodi worked together for 20 years. When Kishore Da passed away, Rajesh Khanna said, meri toh awaz hi chali gayi he
And one day Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Da were singing a song together, where it was turn of Kishore Da to sing but mistakly lata Ma’am sang the lines Piya Piya mora Jiya pukare…..So now it was retake needed, but Kishore Da said with his eyes to continue till the end, and at last everyone said that we have to take a retake sir, there is a mistake in the song.
Then Kishore da explained them that there is no need to retake, when Lata Ji will sing her lines in case of mine, the hero will keep his hands on the girls lip and continue with his lyrics this will add a romantic scene in the picture and no one will think of it as a mistake. Everyone clapped hands the brilliant idea of Kishore Da and when the movie was released the scene won the hearts of many.
I was happy to listen to this radio session and here is my Favourite among many other favourites of Kishore Da –
1. Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi si…
2. Yeh Sham Mastani…madhosh kiye jaye
3. Ek Ajnaabe Hasina se yuh Mulakat ho gayi…
4. Tariff Karu kya uski, jisne tumhe banaya..
5. Samne yeh kon aaya…
6. Aate jate khubsurat awara sadko pe….
7. Haal Kaisa he janab ka
This is what why we say OLD IS GOLD, nothing beats the inborn creativity in them, they were so natural and alive that they touched the strings of heart and are still holding the first place.
About the Guest blogger – Dixita Mour
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