January 15 2017

☕ Coffee and Bouquet of Sharpened Pencils ✏️

I often think how can I leave my mark on this world after I pass away? My mind just wanders on this most of the time. The world is a scary place. I have had experiences with the most cruel, and heartless people. But this negativity and cynical attitude does not give me a precise view of the world because I know there are cheerful, happy and positive people. There are stories of hope, stories of happiness around. It takes one person, one idea and one action, which is rooted deep in his/her positive thinking which can bring about change in the world. Small selfless act(s) of kindness I am sure can bring in change among people and their mindset. I believe kindness begets kindness. I am one person, one individual, one of those billions, but I have the purpose by spreading happiness through positive thoughts and generous actions.

I am not much in favor of texting to save phone calls, I believe in personal talking with friends/family because I like surprising them with a random phone call and say ‘ There is no reason for calling, I just called up to find out how are you’.

I am trusted by many, perhaps this is why I am often called to babysit and this comes to me naturally. I enjoy company of children; it’s because I’m pretty much still a child at heart- I’m always down for some coloring, watching kid shows and playing around . I probably started around when I was 10 years, babysitting for my neighbor’s babies. This act makes me responsible for someone else’s children, but it is also important because I turn like a another role model for the children. They look up to me and watch the things I do and say, and learn from me. It’s almost like a trial run for being a parent, though it is not a 24/7 job like real parenthood. I get the chance to interact with adorable children, keep them safe, teach them all that which school would never.

Just like I have many clothes in my wardrobe which are unworn and few not needed toys of children, I think even you might be having them, why don’t you just give all those to the needy? There are many NGO’s, orphanages around us where there are needy people of all ages. Every Christmas I make a point to donate books, stationery, clothes, and food to orphan girls. I don’t mind sharing what I have with me with people who cannot afford them and the kids believe me as their Santa Claus and it makes me so happy to see a hope of a brighter tomorrow being imbibed in their eyes.

I’m one of those people who just want to make everybody’s day. I love humanity, making others happy and spread kindness. I feel everyone’s joy is joy to me, but let me be very honest, I can’t spend all my time bringing happiness to others—I have work to do and pay my bills. But on the other hand, it doesn’t take a lot of time to make someone smile.

Do you know someone who is having a really hard time? If you do have, ask them if they would like to talk about and listen to their problems without judgment or interruption. It’s the small acts of selfless kindness which can definitely make someone’s day better.

Have you spread selfless kindness, I am sure you did at least once in your lifetime? I would love it if you help me increase the scope of this list by commenting with your own ideas about thoughtful things that will make someone happy and spread kindness among everyone. Let’s hear it out!

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