The Confessions of a Happy bird

I’ve read many blogs about people’s pet peeves and all those really drive me to an instant anxiety attack and I’m not going to focus on that today.

I have ‘happy bombs’ in my life. They are small, little life eccentricities that makes me feel like the world isn’t so bad after all. When they happen, I feel like a mini explosion of happiness in me.

When I do not expect to be noticed and I am encouraged on something I’ve been working hard on. I get random snack cravings and to find them in my fridge, this is that happy moment. Cravings sometimes suck when you don’t have access to slake them. But when you do? *Does the happy dance*.

I always like to be on time and only few times with blessings of city’s magical phantom algorithm I’ve been able to completely bypass the infamous traffic and make it to my destination cuss-free and this is when  the gods of traffic shine down on me, happy very happy.

A new notebook, a beautiful pen, a gorgeous letter-writing set or note cards unleashes a powerful emotion called happiness in me. Stationery, seeing them gives me beyond measure satisfaction like being super happy just finding an organizer big enough to fit my lot. 

It’s not just the stories I love when I say that books make me happy; sometimes it’s the presence of them. I can never think of a time I was unhappy in a library, a bookshop, or in the nook where I keep most of the books I own in my room. I can sit near a pile of books and be happy is all I am saying; maybe it’s because they have given me so many happy times throughout. 

Coffee is happiness in a cup. I’m thrilled to have this one guilty happiness carry with it less guilt and more pleasure. The smell of coffee in the morning is a happy alarm clock, except I won’t just press the ‘snooze button’.

He makes me happy to talk to. I am happy when he calls, texts or writes to me to respond on something silly I have posted on social media or shared with him. Those little arguments we have makes me happy thinking about the makeup love. It is happiness when he teases me. It is a happy moment when I make him laugh. Happiness is his handwritten note(s) appreciating me. When he looks at me, I mean really looks at my kohl’ed brown eyes with focus and smiles; like I’ve just done a bit of something wonderful and worthy are always the newest, the brightest, and the happiest moments.  

I am always surprised how successful and fulfilled I feel when I do what makes me happy. Whatever it is: writing, reading, sports, eating, studying, surfing, drawing, or singing. Choosing to be happy doesn’t mean turning off your brain. It means tuning your brain and heart to work better together than disjointedly. So what makes you happy, let us talk about it?

This post is written towards #BLOGCHATTER prompt: Because I am HAPPY

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10 Day You Challenge | Four Books

There are  many books that I love, its hard to choose just 4 of my favourites! I really do not know which to choose so I am just going to pick the first four that come to mind and what I like the most about them.

1. The Fault in Our Stars – John Green. John Green is a new-found love of mine. I watched the film before I read the book (I do this in case the films are rubbish, that way they wont ruin the book for me. I learned the hard way with My Sisters Keeper and the first Flowers in The Attic film.) And absolutely loved it, made me cry so much. Read the book and it was sooo much better and I cried even more!

2. Where rainbows end – I haven’t read Cecelia’s P.S. I love you yet, but this book is a masterpiece! It’s really written in the usual novel language, but in the form of transcripts and dialogues.

3. The Merchant of Venice – I just love Shakespeare. In fact I love every classic. But this one is my favorite. A perfect comical drama. Why don’t we get these stuff now?

4. The Lost symbol by Dan Brown- I am a Dan Brown fan. No matter how boring his few books were/are or no matter how much hyped his other books are, but I am just a huge fan. I think I connected with it better than any other of his masterpieces. God, I feel geeky!

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