10 Day You Challenge | One Picture of yourself

Now that I you know almost everything about me, its time that I put up a nice picture of mine. As the say, choices define a person, I’m sure by now all the posts have given you the idea of what kind of a person I am. Writing the last nine posts was an experience for me. I’m glad that I took up the challenge. This picture would have been a treat if I was an anonymous blogger. I have left the life of anonymity now.

I’ve had a love for the scaly creatures of this world ever since I can remember. Yes, dogs and cats and birds and hedgehogs are cool too, but my choices are little more on the cold-blooded side. I think my love for reptiles began with dinosaurs. Just something about these absolutely amazing beings walking the Earth millions of years before us. I had toy versions as a child which is what I spent the majority of my time playing with. I watched ‘Jurassic Park’ as soon as my mom would allow it. Since I can’t surround myself with dinosaurs, I found the next best thing. Reptiles! As I could not get to pose with a real crocodile, I opted for this at the Hyderabad Zoo. Reptiles tend to like small spaces. This is why snakes at the zoo don’t have giant enclosures. If you take them out, they find a corner to curl up in and stay there. Having a tiny space makes them feel more secure, and they don’t use a ton of energy to move around because they’re cold. The first thing you hear out of someone’s mouth who doesn’t like reptiles is “Are you crazy?” “What if it bites?” “Is it poisonous??” I’m so over these responses. Snakes aren’t sitting in your yard waiting around to eat you or even inject their venom in you for that matter. They are simply surviving, same as you. Yes, venomous reptiles are dangerous and you should never provoke or mess with them. Being one of the few people who immerses herself in the reptile world, I have found a deep appreciation for this deeply understood creatures, and I strive to share my knowledge with others.

That is it. End of a mini-era, that kind of revealed a lot of me. I liked it. I feel complete.

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