January 28 2017

Sunday Surprise #MagicOfWarmth

It was 10 am of a Sunday morning and he was still on his bed lazing. He had been travelling through the week and just wanted to sleep till late. He checked his phone expecting notifications from me but finding none, he thought I must be sleeping late like him and he dozed off. Suddenly his phone rang after few minutes and it was my call. The call came unexpected to him as we spoke till midnight. He immediately attended my call, as I spoke he sensed nervousness in my voice. It made him worried and he asked me where was I calling from?

Without any seconds gap, I instead asked where he is right now? He replied, at home but why? I asked him how long it would take him to reach Airport. This made him worried and curious. He asked me what happened and to this I replied playfully ‘I have just landed at the airport, can we meet now?’ This confused him and he shot me with so many questions, to which I replied ‘Come quickly I will tell you everything’.

He left to the Airport but amidst all these hurriedness thousand questions ran in his mind as to what I was doing in the airport as we spoke till late last night and I never told him that I was travelling to Delhi. He was happy, worried and anxious to meet me. He reached and saw me at the arrival terminal, I immediately ran towards him and we hugged each other. Seeing me smiling, all his tensions vanished. He could not wait and asked me all that he had in his mind and all I did was, I just smiled at him and boy, he fell in love with me all over again and kissed me on my forehead, handed me the gift which he had been forgetting to give me not once but thrice. The gift and his kisses melted me instantly and I hugged him tightly that moment I experienced the magic of warmth. I was so happy unwrapping it and said ‘finally my gift reached me’.

I know he loves surprises and this kind, was too special, where he never expected we would be meeting which took his breath away. That Sunday will remain as one of the best of our lives. I wish to give him surprises often. As I end sharing this memory, let me tell you, we are meeting very soon and I have planned surprise(s) for him.

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January 28 2017

My Birthday #MagicOfWarmth

Since morning, B had been observing changes in my behaviour. This made him perplexed as he could not find any explanation for my sudden mood swings. He tried to amuse me with his nastiest humour but it aggravated my mood more. In our so many years of relationship, such incident never happened. Saddened with all this and million questions in his mind, B left for his office with a heavy heart.

At work, while preparing his table for the day, B’s eyes fell on the sheet called social life pinned on his board and my name was on the top of the list. It was my birthday today that he forgot. B realised and cursed himself. He could not believe missing this occasion, because he knew the consequences of this blunder in his life.

He gathered courage and dialled my number. He turned nervous thinking what he would say to me. My phone rang continuously but I did not attend his calls. I wanted him to be the first one to wish me but he was so usual since he woke up that morning.

B decided to take off from work to save his world from getting collapsed. On the way, he took my favourite cake and bouquet of red roses (flowers are my weakness). He was still unsure whether he could convince me.

Tensely and petrified he reached home. I opened the door and I was surprised to see B with cake and bouquet and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ song at the door step for me. I tried hard to conceal my smile but could not. And seeing me smiling, B finally felt relaxed. I took the bouquet from him and he grabbed me tight for a hug and kissed me which made me melt experiencing the magic of warmth.

We cut the cake together and celebrated our private moments making it special. In the afternoon he treated me to wonderful Chinese (my favourite cuisine) food at my favourite restaurant Golden Dragon. We headed towards chudi bazaar post lunch where not just one but he made me take many dozens of colourful glass bangles ( for me bangles are love) and as the day came to dusk, we were at the luxury mall, in the Michael Kors store and he picked up the best bag in coral pink for me as my birthday gift.

When I asked him for his absent-mindedness, B said he had planned this surprise for me and he did not fail to remember my birthday. I gave him a big bear hug.  B managed to make my day unforgettable giving me reminiscences for life time to commit to my memory.

“I’m blogging about my #MagicOfWarmth moment at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil

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