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The Kabalarian Philosophy gives a brief analysis of your first name, knowing this I immediately typed in my first name to know what the analysis would tell me. Here it is.

“You are independent, determined, and secretive. Your appreciation for the beauties of nature motivates you to seek activities in the outdoors. You are interested in the mysteries of life and the occult. You have imaginative and logical mind. You cannot tolerate boredom. You find easy to write your thoughts. You are drawn to conversations in which you can learn something new. Although you appear unfriendly to others, a loner with few close friends, there are times when you would give anything to be spontaneous and natural. You could be exceptionally brilliant in any subject that holds your interest. You could excel in athletics or outdoor sports. Your intense, driving nature must find outlets in creative accomplishments and progress to avoid moods and periods of depression.”

I was amazed reading the analysis; I am just like how it has been mentioned. I have been an athlete (Oh I love marathons)- I love outdoors –the nature- I am writer by profession- a loner with just few friends-occult fascinates me- my imaginations have no limits- I love conversing.

All this is so true because of my first name. I do not wish to give a mention about it, all I can say it starts with R, has 6 alphabets and ends with A and means “heartfelt”.

Your name is what describes you as a person. My name describes me right. I was not officially named till I turned 4. I was given 2 nicknames – one each by father and mother which I am still called and I would like to be called by the same nickname by my friends, after I get married by my husband and InLaw’s and till I die ( not that they are easy they are complicated too like my first name but I am so used being called by nickname, that someone who calls me by my first name I take all the time of the world to sink in)

I have 3 names. My signature name is different from what I am called. I hate how everybody pronounces my first name wrong. It happens all the time, especially when people have to read my name from somewhere. My name is not popular, as I never came across anyone with the same name in all these years except the person who was named the same in 1931 (Dr Thapar). I feel it’s a completely normal name spelled completely normal. It’s more an issue with places that call out my name. I use fake and easy names at Starbucks, Movies and Restaurants that ask for my name. It saves my time and embarrassment. I christen myself – Sapna, Rima, Anu, Sona, Priya, Divya, or Pari.

My name is my personal brand. That’s something I want to share accurately. And the more someone says it wrong, the more accustomed they’ll become to the mispronunciation. Whenever I come across anyone with a difficult name, I always ask in advance how to pronounce his or her name before mangling it. Some of the names have a problem in pronouncing ‘A’ ‘I’ ‘E’, I have a friend named Shreyas, but he is called Shreyaas by most of the people. In my name, the I is turned into EE or L has another L or A has another A.

Both my first and last names are a bit of a strange case. While they appear to be quite straight forward on paper, they have unusual pronunciations. Most of the people have a problem remembering my complete name. Telugu being my mother tongue, my name completely freaks people out here in south, they call it a catholic name but the fact is, it is one of the names carved out of the name Ramaa which is another name of Goddess Lakshmi. This makes my name completely Indian and Hindu. You just cannot imagine the glee on my face when someone pronounces my name right, says he/she knows my name or has heard or read it before or only has to be told once.

I always correct people on their pronunciation because I’ve found that if I do not, they continue to mispronounce it. If a person hopelessly cannot wrap their head around the pronunciation of my first name and last name, I forgive them and move on. This is one of the reasons why I don’t blog or tweet with my real name as I am not fond of giving more occasions to people to further assassinate my name.

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Sometimes it comes down to ideal timing, total twist of fate or just plain chance. I am always open to serendipity. I never know the cause, but there is always a motive. I would like to share few of my Serendipitous moments to remind how Beautiful life truly is.

  1. Exchanging a smile with a stranger.
  2. A sip of ice-cold water when I am thirsty.
  3. A kiss from him.
  4. Opening windows to the first sunrays
  5. Laughing at something incredibly random
  6. Finding a note from him
  7. Trying a new cuisine and loving it
  8. Reading something that gives me thrills and chills
  9. A hug from a loved one.
  10. The sweet smell of rain.
  11. An unexpected phone call
  12. Stumbling across old photographs.
  13. Listening to a song that brings back memories.
  14. Seeing your reflection in the mirror and feeling confident.
  15. Having a deep conversation and feeling like they ‘get it’.

Serendipity can change your life in ways you may never have dared to dream; it’s just a matter of recall to welcome these moments into your life and to make the most of them. The more you believe in serendipity, the more it’s likely to come about.

This post is written for BLOGCHATTER prompt : Serendipity

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