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When I started blogging, I never ever imagined having followers or being as invested in it as I now am. Starting out as a place to vent and share everything that was going through my head during a very confusing few months. I was blogging because I was beginning to figure out who I was and because I had no friends. ย At this point, I was blogging because I enjoyed it. Itโ€™s a habit that I really enjoy indulging.ย If Iโ€™m not posting, Iโ€™m on Twitter publicising posts or checking on my stats for the day. At this point Iโ€™d like to note that I read somewhere that you should only check stats once a week otherwise youโ€™ll be disheartened and lose interest. ย I blog because someone somewhere might be helped by my blog. It might inspire them, make them smile, provide a resource theyโ€™ve been looking for, or help them feel less alone. I blog because blogging is an accessible medium that allows me to publish whenever and whatever I want, and readers from all over the world can find it and read it for free.I blog because of the magical connections that can happen through blogging. Blogging has helped me form virtual and in-person relationships, both personal and professional, sometimes even across continents.

Now tell me what are your reasons for Blogging? Let us all share and discuss.

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  1. [email protected]'s

    A candid account – thank you for sharing. Helps me take โ™ฅ

  2. upasna

    An honest love post…I too check my Stats daily but I never allow those to take over me, how bad they might be. I can relate with your last line as it keeps me happy in my personal relationships and keep a tab on me. wink wink
    Thanks for linking with happy sunday

  3. reemamichelle

    Like you, I started my blog because I wanted to have a place where I could share what I felt. I’d never imagined that my blog would be what it is today and the people that I have met because of my blog.

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