Why Networking Is Important For All Bloggers?

Still I remember the day when I created my blog. Initially the posts got many likes and followers. Slowly the numbers got reduced. I felt I was alone. I was in a hibernation mode, waiting for my status hike. But nothing happened magically. I was totally depressed and thought to quit blogging. At that time, I was introduced with the power and strength of networking.

Now with almost 3 years of experience and lessons learnt in the journey of blogging, I list out Why Networking Is Important For All Bloggers:

High Traffic Rate

Based on your frequency of posting, there is a high chance for your traffic rate to get increased. Every time when you publish a post, then you are creating data in the web sphere. And social media sites can help in sharing your posts to wider range of readers. That attracts more traffic to your site. It’s like Social Media Karma – If I share others’ posts, I get my posts shared too!!!

Personal Tips: Initially I had only my personal facebook account. Then I realized the need for opening a facebook page for my blog. Next I came to know that Twitter pulls more traffic to your blog. Now I have fb, twitter & tumblr accounts for my blog. My best score would be given for fb and twitter. So what are you waiting for? Go create your social media accounts and get connected to the world.

Extended Friendship

Through blogging and social media, your friendship circle expands. Now you are able to make global presence and a wider reach. Your friendship gets amazing as an extended family. Friendship will provide you directions, guidelines, sharing and caring. They will help you in getting connected with many others. Be happily connected!!!

Personal Tips: I have earned many friends through blogging and networking. Among many, I like to mention a few, such as Srividhya, Anamika, Bilna Sandeep & Corinne who had their initial positive impact on me and my blog. To get more friends, leave positive and encouraging comments on other blogs, reach them out for any suggestions and attend blogger meet ups.

Blogging Community

Blogging includes reading, writing and sharing. There are many blogging communities who support fellow bloggers and motivate them to excel. Write Tribe, Blog-A-Rhythm, Blogchatter and IndiBloggers are my favorites. They help us by providing weekly sharing threads, writing prompts, conducting contests and challenges, hosting linkup parties, publishing guest posts, and blogger interviews. Blogging is nothing but Post, Comment & Share!!!

Personal Tips: Knowing the power of networking, I have a guest post series in my blog – “This Mom’s Life” – an interview type guest post of mommy bloggers. Through that I have got so many wonderful friends. That series is the closest one to my heart. I do welcome guest posts by other bloggers and do write guest blogs for my friends. And this post is one such, done for my friend Romila. Thanks dear!!! Think uniquely, come with creative ideas and do guest posts. Host blogger interviews and guest posts of your favorite bloggers. Reach out to reach better.

Support and Encouragements

Networking assists you with support and motivates you with encouragement. It also helps in Blogger / Brand collaborations. Thus by bloggers can get transformed into influencers. There is wide spectrum of opportunities for bloggers. True blogging is like flying a kite; and networking raises it higher.

Personal Tips: I am happy to share with you all that my dream of becoming a published author is shaping into reality. I have contributed for “100 Moms One Journey”, a book to be soon released by Parul Agarwal. I am also contributing for an e-magazine – “Raising world Children” by Aditi Wardhan Singh. So utilize every chance that comes your way. Accept and do reviews, host linkup parties, provide give-away. Encourage your readers to come back. Always end your posts with a Call-To-Action like share your views, add to the list, suggestions are welcome.


Ultimately every bloggers’ dream is to earn money from their blogs. Monetizing your blog is an art. You have to learn and play safe. Alexa rating, hit ratio, SEO rated posts provides a stronger impact on the blogosphere. Through advertisements, survey polls, sponsored posts and paid product reviews, your income starts flowing. Blogging Thumb Rule: Invest time at present and reap the money in future!!!

Personal Tips: I have recently signed MoU with a parenting website. Also I have started doing book reviews, product reviews and sponsored posts. Keep watching the status of your blogs, get inputs from your readers, learn about various blogging tools and plug-ins, research about SEO techniques. Self hosted websites attracts many brands and companies than the free websites. Invest some time and money to get higher price as a reward.

 Author Bio

Vasantha Vivek loves to call herself as a happy woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, friend, mentor, seeker, lover. She’s from Kovilpatti, a small town of Southern Tamilnadu of India. She’s a teacher by profession. She worked as a professor at an Engineering College for nearly 15 years. She has learnt a lot as a teacher. She hopes that she had inspired some hearts during that period.  Teaching is her passion Reading is her love. Cooking is her heart. She enjoys reading and writing very much. She starts & ends her days with reading. She blogs @ “My Sweet Nothings”. She’s guest authoring in various sites like Indian Moms Connect, Monsoon Breeze, Parentous, Women’s Web, mycity4kids & World of Moms.

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  • March 17, 2017 at 11:02 am

    These are good tips! As a newbie myself, I am always on the lookout for tips on how to do, what to do… this gives me more direction.

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