UBC Day 18 -I wish I were

I wish I were a superhero and with my powers I would be able to control time – to stop, reverse, slow down and speed up time each time I pleased. People often ask, “If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?” Being a superhero and with my power(s), I would actually be able to do such a thing. Having control of time would make me have power over of any situation, whether it involves me or not.

With my powers I would make my life easier. If I didn’t feel like waking up, I could just stop time and sleep in for a while. If I trip and start to fall, all I would have to do is slow down time and pull through. Powers would help me think through tough situations. Often, I am forced to make a split second decision that could pessimistically blow me or others. Having the power to stop time would give me the ability to ponder the possible outcomes of my decision and allow me to choose the best option. Being able to control time would truly be a decisive power to have.

I wish I were superhero, my tone would ring true. My love would bring peace. I’d sit courteously on my lumber of golden thoughts bringing myriad truths to the young and old. In a world where I’d end up being son of mother nature, I would hope human civilization learns to grow and be sensible. Anyone who has been ill-treated, deserted, or unaccompanied will always have something to call their home.

Anyone can be a super hero these days. Although a cape does look fun to wear and bright underwear over those tights may be a look everyone would like to try, but wearing a trouser, crispy white shirt and glasses is just as great. Heroes are everywhere. Superheroes like to make a demonstration. I think the best super power to have is to be yourself. There is no one who can replicate that and no force is so strong enough to stop that power. So be true to you and you could save the world.

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