UBC Day 20 – Favorite Book on Writing

Let me start by saying I think every writer that is even a casual Stephen King fan should read this book. I would even suggest reading it through one time, then going back over the writing portions again. It offers very straightforward advice on how to make your writing better. About half of the book is a memoir, and the other half is writing advice and tips. The memoir does tie into the writing part, however, by showing some of his motivation and things that lead him to write the way he does. If you’re a big Stephen King fan, you’d probably enjoy this book even if you don’t write because of the information about King himself. If you are a writer, then I’m sure you’ll find at least a few things that will open your eyes about making your writing better.  An invaluable read and different than anything else in the genre. Entertaining, insightful, emotional, and prescriptive, this book told King’s story of becoming a writer. It offered advice on how you can to, but mostly it sets the groundwork, like a hiker breaking a path for you. You can follow in King’s footsteps or you can take your own route, but it’s nice to know how someone else made it to the summit before you. This really is an essential text in the art of learning to write, even if you disagree with King’s process, even if you want to take your own path to the mountaintop. If you’re a writer, you should probably read this book.  am not a fan on “how to write” books, I find most of them boring, but I give this one my highest possible recommendation.

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