Just one word. DEEP. You are deep writer, and a deep writer does not need to have huge words in her purse of vocabulary, she just needs to convey the message, which you aptly do. I cannot be the judge of the kind of person you are as we have never met personally, but whatever little I know of you through Twitter, I am pretty sure you are a go getter and a person with a lot of positivity, this is one thing which I respect and adore a lot about you – Kunal Patrawala 

You are the most active, disciplined blogger I have ever seen! I read your tweet about having done more posts till now than the days of the year, and my jaw fell to the ground. Your kind of awesome is really rare, and I hope you never change! I enjoy the Twitter quizzes you post, and I eagerly wait for them. Even though I haven’t met you offline, I’m assuming you always have some kind of planner ready wherever you go, and a notebook to jot down blog post inspiration everyday! – Mithila Menezes

For me you are Bold, Smart & On your face person. I got connected to you via twitter, you read my early posts and straightaway told me – ‘do a guest post for me’. I like your writings (tough sometimes have to fetch dictionary to get some words) and love your dedication. Your ever ‘happy to help’ approach is boon for new bloggers. I loved surfing through November’s Child – it’s wealthy resource. – Dipika Singh

I am really feeling blessed to find you on this blogosphere. You are my best friend to be counted for all my needs. I adore your writings. You inspire every blogger through your posts. Keep this spirit and courage always. You are an awesome blogger with participation on A to Z challenge for two consecutive years. I enjoyed your micro poems and felt proud on reviewing your second e=book on micro poems. Keep growing and Keep spreading love Vasantha Vivek

Your writings are honest, and that’s why I think you get so many hits on your blog. You seem to know ‘something’ about ‘everything’ under the sun and, that’s a great thing according to me. It has been great knowing you, and would love to meet you in person some day! – Zainab Raazi

Out of 10 I would give 10 to you. You are seriously amazing with your writings. For every newbies you are the rebel star in their dark sky. Every time I read your post it gives me three knots in my mind Inspiration, Inspiration and more Inspiration. – Shraesta Suresh

You are the bold, upfront sensible blogger for me. Your writings are you but at the same time there’s a thin line which you maintain and never let anyone totally into your personal life. Your dedication to the blog and the planning and execution is what I am sold out on. I repeat, please help me with your daily /weekly/monthly planning and implementation I really want to learn. – Kadambari Singh

Roms we have recently got to know each other through the world of blogging and I know for a fact that you are one of the most meticulous, organised, sincere blogger/writer I have ever come across. You have your calendar chalked out a year in advance and that is some mean feat. You write sincerely and write from your heart, but I feel sometimes you make your descriptions a bit too elaborate and long winding. (I’m saying this because you wanted both post and negative feedback) But having said that your rich diverse experience in this field is quite commendable. You have achieved so much at a great age – Natasha Sinha

Your content is valuable & meaningful as well as it is inspiring at many level. The only important is your thought & its execution which you doing actively fabulous. Such thing is express that how you are extremely passionate towards writing. I wish you achieve great success ahead. Virag Shah

@Romspeaks is how I like to address you. I think we have known each other for a little over a year now. I know you as one of the most intellectual and active twitterati. One of the best things I like about your blog is that you write on an array of topics. And more importantly you know what you are writing. You are honest and unbiased and say what has to be said be it a review post or an opinion. Your blog is surely and inspiration for many budding bloggers, keep it up ! – Atul Sharma

I’m so glad that I got connected with you through social media. I cherish it. I just love reading your blog. The open and boldness in expressing your thoughts through your blog is just great. And as a person, even though I know you not for a very long time, I can say that you are a friendly and a charming person who is always ready to help.Shamik

I may not know much about you but through your writings and tweets you are the smartest and boldest person I may know. You’re also the most straightforward person I got connected to and honestly love your tweets. I ain’t that active on twitter but whenever I check out twitter I make sure to check out your twitter page – Bhavish Shah

You interact well with fellow bloggers – you don’t go overboard (love that!), feed us with thoughts to munch upon, interact with our intellectual faculties and have a positive persona. You speak your mind and that is an admirable quality. Your presence on social media brightens up the screen Nivedita

You are one of the most versatile bloggers I know on social media, I love your spirit of posting regularly. You are nicely experienced and there to help everyone everytime Dixita Mour

I am super amazed at the fact that you can speak and write so beautifully on anything and everything. You do have a lot of experience as a blogger which is wonderful and the good thing about you is that you pass on your knowledge to the new bloggers and embrace them gracefully and do the blogger’s world proud.Asmita Pradhan

I was first introduced to you through Sy5chat and I was instantly happy to be connected with you. The first thing that struck me about you was your mastery over words & language. Back then getting published was a distant dream for me, listening to you on the chat somehow made me believe that it was possible. You inspired me to take that first step towards getting published. Your writing is very simple yet effective. It has a natural flow and capacity to carry the reader along smoothly. Meeting you in person was a different experience altogether. Till then I knew only a small side of your personality through your blog and tweets. When I met you I discovered this nonchalant friend in you, with whom I can never run out of topics to talk about.Gayatri Gadre

From day one of interacting with you, I have been impressed with your technical knowledge on blogging, social media tools, etc. These things over my head and I really admire them in another person! Second thing I noticed about you is the way you seem to be able to write and schedule posts. I struggled while writing this year’s AtoZ Challenge whereas I believe yours are done for 2018 too. Hats Off!!!!  Shalini Baisiwala

As a blogger I like (as I said earlier) your scheduling. I have always been in awe of that skill of yours. I like your honesty, I know when I speak to you –that what you say is what you mean – no hearsay, no nonsense with you. You are direct – right or wrong you just don’t mind what others think or expect – you are yourself and that is another quality I would love my own children to have. – Menaka Bharathi.

Being in a profession that is not looked up by many is very tough, just like it’s swimming against the waves, and doing it consistently for over 20 years and that too passionately and Independently requires lots of patience, not everyone has in this intolerant nation and today by swimming against the waves you have created you own ocean of your articles, blogs, books and more in which anyone would want to get in and never get out ever. – Sajid Patel

Some people come along to remind you that love, friendship and community are still the most wonderful things in life. Thanks for your open-ness, enthusiasm and joy- I feel so inspired! – Sona Grover

You are a gem of a person. Your writing skills are superb. I just know you through your tweets, but those show the broad outlook of your thoughts towards life and world, love this quality of yours. You are frank and to the point too, a quality that can’t be seen nowadays generally – Saba Irfan Ladha

She is a warrior who is striving lone in this domain. She is the tigress who knows how to petrify the realm. She is chary when she is with her precious. She is smart and witty while she is riposting to her nemesis. An unflagging and assertive personality while she is on the payroll but sluggish when she is at re-quiescence. She is gallant enough when peeps gawk her and benevolent when she is with her beloved. She is prepossessing which gives complex to folks and sagacious which makes people covetous. She is a perfect combo of beauty and brain, she is a lady with Class and Elegance – Neha Siddhwani.

You are a gem of a person. Your writing skills are superb. I came to know you through twitter and got fortunate to meet you. And yes, our Delhi connection worked as catalyst to this. It’s so nice to have a friend as you in a new city, who is always ready with right advice. You have got all the qualities mentioned in your bio – plus one more – amazingly good human being. A big thank you !!! And yes, you write awesome. Please keep up the amazing work you do – Chandan Kumar Thakur

She is a strong writer, with superlative work. Her work is always detailed and well written. She has and she is always willing to help bloggers ad writers and does extra posts when needed. I would highly recommend her blog and writings to everyone without any reservations. Anyone who is considering writing a book, starting a blog, or simply wants to improve their writing, she is the right guide and mentor. She inspires confidence and helps create fantastic results. Her blog continues to be somewhere between pure joy and an emotional roller coaster. Overall it is the most gratifying thing to read – Ramanpreet Singh

A hardworking , creative content creator who impresses with her outstanding skills, with the many varied formats of written word. Novemberschild is an inspiring journey to follow.I  had an opportunity to read of your work during theSuper Blogger Challenge and was impressed by your ability to always follow briefs. Highly professional with a keen insight into the writing and publishing world. – Dr Amrita Basu Misra.

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