May 26 2017

How to Be Resilient

What do we really need in life? Good friends, family, the right motivation, the right values? What is it really? Lots of people tell us that when hard time comes we should just stick to our family and friends. They would tell us that the right people will give us more confidence and motivation to walk through life.

There are also times when people would tell us that even though we have our friend and family by our side we should still count on our self for motivation. They would tell us that we are just like a glass of water. Whenever our motivation or confidence is running out, we just have to refill it.

That may be effective in most situations, but there will come a time when this won’t be as effective anymore. We can’t always just refill the glass. What if there is no more water to fill the glass with? Well, we can always buy more water, but I’m afraid that won’t be the case with motivation. Nobody can buy motivation. When we run out of then how can you ever get more of it?

The trick is in being resilient, but what is being resilient anyway?

Being resilient is just like being a rubber band. You can stretch the rubber band as long as you want, but as soon as you let it go it will go back in its place. That is exactly how we should be. No matter how much the world pulls and pushes us around, we should still have the ability to get back on our feet. That is something that is easier said than done. I mean, being resilient is more than just telling yourself that “I am resilient from now on”. No, I am afraid that there is more to it than that. Well, here are some tips on being resilient.

Accept your emotions

We think that we accept our emotions all of the time, but what we really do is we resist them. The thing is when we try to resist our emotions, side effects occur. Accepting our emotions is a bit different. Accepting your emotions means that you accept the fact that you failed at some point. It means that you accept your weak point without feeling bad about yourself.

The thing is the more we try to resist our negative emotions the more difficult it is for us to move forward.

Keep yourself busy

The thing is most people would rather live in the fantasy that they have already reached their goals when they haven’t evens started accomplishing. When they actually started to do something about their goals they would fail. That is not because they are worthless. Rather, it is because they lacked preparation and planning.

Since they spent so much tie fantasising about their success, they can’t accept their failure. As a result, they get all broken inside.

About the guest blogger: Kelly E. Walsh lives in South Carolina. She is a graduate of BS in Computer Science but preferred pursuing her writing career instead. Mostly because she loves telling stories and sharing her knowledge through writing. She is currently writing for on a regular basis and do ghost writing for some companies as well.

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