June 1 2017

Monthly Tarot Reading – June 2017

Welcome Novemberschild.com Readers to the world of Tarot with Ishieta from Isheeriashealingcircles.com

Tarot Cards were traditionally 78 playing cards which have evolved into a deck of 78 symbolic cards with esoteric meaning used for fortune telling and divination.

They are mysterious and deep and multi layered – The guidance can be applied to many levels and interpreted for guidance to all your Life’s questions.

Know what is in store for you for the month ahead with Tarot guidance to light the path ahead!

Monthly Tarot Guidance Reading

JUNE 2017


The Hanged Man (Reversed)

This is a time of crossroads, where you may be assessing different options and trying to take a decision. You should do what you think is right after proper reflection – Look within, see the patterns and stop fighting yourself. Let go of things which are in the past, embrace change! Positivity and better things are on their way to you.


8 of Swords

Taureans, you may be feeling like you are stuck and lack direction. You may be currently hoping that someone else will come and give you a push forward – well the Tarot says, YOU need to come out of this by being objective and letting go of your old idea – these will bring you clarity and show you the solutions.


5 of Pentacles

You are feeling as if something is missing in life, that there is a lack of something obvious. The Tarot guides you to look deeper under this feeling and discover the real reasons you are feeling like this.  Then go out and discover and find things which make you happy.


Wheel of Fortune

This is one of my favourite cards to draw in the Tarot. It signifies that the wheel of fortune is turning for you – and at this time, you can decide by your choices what you want to bring about into your life. Some of you may be feeling as if everything is destined to be like this, and things are out of your control, well, the Tarot says that you can take action now to change your today and tomorrow.


The Hermit (Reversed)

This is an extremely spiritual card – It indicates that it is time to stop avoiding what you are fearing. You have the wisdom which you can apply to the present and it will bring about good results for you. It is time to come out of self-inflicted hibernation and meet and interact with the real world.


The Hierophant

In the next month, you may find yourself getting involved in a group with a larger purpose, or meeting a guru, or a person who may be a teacher for you. At this time you may feel the need to stick to your own rules and belief, but also accept and allow for others to have their own . and also accept, that not everyone may understand your ideas or allow you the freedom you want – Just be aware – The answers are within you.


The High Pristess

This is a good time and a pleasant surprise is coming your way. This is a time to rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge – Be in touch with yourself and your gut instinct. Be careful when dealing in money matters – do check all information yourself!


5 of Cups

Scorpios, June will be a month of change. You will see that the old and that which you don’t need any more will fall away and you will embrace change and start to go with the flow. You may feel like you have missed out on an opportunity – but dig digger, don’t focus on the loss, but try and see what you have gained.


Page of Wands

The next month is looking good for you. It is time to start afresh. You will be confident and do make sure that you complete any of the projects you are currently working on. You will feel inspired and have many options before you to choose from – you will select that which will be successful in the long term.


King of Swords

This month will see you be active and energetic. You will use your mind to solve problems and find solutions. Balance your feelings with your reasoning capabilities when dealing with all matters. Be tolerant and not overly assertive.


3 of Cups

This is going to be a happy month for Aquarians, filled with laughter and friends. You need to reach out to people, and reconnect, or network and meet new people. This is a great time for you be part of social groups, and relate to others.


The Magician

This month will see you moving closer to realizing many of your goals – You will be able to harness the universal power to work for you. This month will see you be almost magical in what you do and achieve. Do remember that you don’t have the answers to everything – stay grounded and adaptable.

Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles

*The Tarot Reading for your Zodiac sign are spiritual and intuitive in nature, and are meant as a guidance only.


Ishieta Chopra belongs to a Lineage of healers, and is a practicing Numerologist, Tarot Reader and Healer & a freelance Writer & Editor.

Published author of 3 Books –
Numerology – The Power of Numbers.

A to Z of Healing – An Esoteric Healer’s Notes & Experiences

Dark Poetry – in A to Z – 26+1 Poems – exploring the darkness within in Verse
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She has set up Isheeria’s Healing Circles (isheeriashealingcircles.com) to help people Learn, Heal & (Re) Design their lives through the Esoteric Arts and Healing Methods. She works with various Tarot decks & various spreads for divination, guidance and an in-depth reading.  Contact for a personalised reading at: [email protected]

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