Silence is a source of great strength

In the modern world it’s very difficult to go anywhere where there’s no possibility of being disturbed by the sound of passing cars, and the only chance that city or town dwellers get to experience something of the quietness which existed everywhere in the pre-car world is sometimes on Sundays, when the mad rushing to and fro of modern life slows down. This quietness seems so foreign now that it seems difficult to believe that a hundred years ago and before it was everywhere all the time. This lack of quietness has also meant is that people are no longer used to silence, and have even, as a result, become afraid of it. Along with inactivity, silence has become something which most people are determined to avoid at all costs, and which, when they are confronted with it, unnerves them. In other words, in the modern world silence has become an enemy. And this is a terrible shame, because in reality silence is one of our greatest friends and strength. In the same way that the natural quietness and stillness of the world around us is always covered over with man-made noise, the natural quietness of our minds is constantly disturbed by the chattering of our ego-selves. We need silence and stillness to become our true selves and to be truly happy. Personally, silence is something that I am attached to. I love it. I know how important it is. When I’m in a noisy situation, I often put myself in a bubble. I first start out by noticing all the noise, then I try to find the softest sound and focus on that. I begin to fall into a trance, and I’m always left with silence.

This post is written towards #QUOTEDSTORIES 4 – SILENCE – Hosted by Upasna and Rohan

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3 thoughts on “Silence is a source of great strength

  1. Agree with you Roma that We need silence and stillness more today when there is always a chatter around. Focusing on softest noise is a great way to observe stillness. Thanks for linking up with #QuotedStories

  2. Beautiful take on silence and the outer chatter we are used to. I love the way you silence your mind with the bubble. I do something similar when I am feeling overwhelmed. Surround my self in a white bubble with divine light and imagine the bubble changing rainbow colours and whoever comes in contact with this bubble is also healed. That way I send healing and light to others as well.

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