June 19 2017

Fir Milenge

Blurb: Where words meet emotions, in a rhythm, a poem is born. Believe it or not, there’s no dearth in this world of words or rhythm, but emotions are hard to find My heartfelt expectation from this collection is only to re-introduce my readers with some feelings that get lost and forgotten in this emotionless world. Even if one of my poems could remind you of a person or a situation or takes you back to a deep connection, I would consider myself successful as an author. And if that doesn’t happen, we will meet again (fir milenge).

About the author: Prateek Mathur has been active in the blogging world for over 8 years now. The fluidity of language and style is his forte and enjoys dominance in both English and Hindi. Through his blog, Writefully Yours , he has written on a myriad of topics ranging from poetry to political commentary to short stories. His writing has brought him laurels like winning a national level blogging competition and two publications in the international online magazine The Woven Tale Press. His poem “Fir Milenge” has been presented on an American online radio station as well. Prateek is Food Scientist by profession. Prateek is very active on social media and likes to express his views on current affairs on Twitter.

Opinion:  The eBook has 9 poems of exquisitely compulsive metaphorical structured lists of topics, my hand pushing my hair around to expose my brain, wishing the world silent that these words be all.  The poems are based on underlying structure of meaning and purpose that attacks the subconscious. The imagery, the rhythm and the experience powerfully overcomes the inherent cultural barriers of language as the poems are in Hindi, while placing you in the streets and buses among the dogs, cats, and people of a very specific very conflicted place and time. The masses will easily identify and recognize this book, this work as collected poems, rhymed, versed, metered, properly. After finally finishing the book, being  ready as I neared the end of the poetry to react to the content, I could only conclude that the poetic content has impressed me very much.  But that’s what makes it good at examining the larger questions and for what I liked about it, I recommend reading this eBook. The poems are outstanding.

Cover page: 3/5

Content: 4/5

If you are interested in reading poetry or if my review of this impressed you, I would highly recommend you to download the book here and enjoy the experience of poems. 

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