June 22 2017

My 3 Mood Uppers! #ThankfulThursdays #Week30

I call them “zombie days.” I’ll just completely shut down and desperately look for ways to distract myself from my feelings.

I suspect we all have zombie days from time to time. I think it’s important to give ourselves permission to not always be happy, but there are also simple ways to improve our mood when we’re feeling down.

Everybody is different, and everybody has different ways of dealing with pain.

My three mood uppers are:

  1. Writing is usually the first thing I do when I’m feeling down. It always helps me get my thoughts and feelings out in front of me.
  2. Watch a funny movie or spend time with someone who has a good sense of humor. Laughing releases tension and has a natural ability to heal.
  3. Whenever I feel dejected I like to read kind emails and comments from my blog readers or read emails from my friends. Doing so reminds me that I’m loved, thought about, and appreciated.

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June 22 2017

Black Love


Reining me deep, chuckles your black love,
A toothy smile, I’m lit in your dives,
Black black ocean, we waltz underwater,
I twist my leg, your black love cries,

Your love slaves, sips my pain,
A look so abyssal, it chokes me in chain,
Black black eyes, a silent chatter,
A toothy smile, your black love’s mine.

About the Guest blogger: Preety Sharma is an amatuer writer, writing poems, plotting novels. A young one you may call her (just 18, shh) she believes in dipping low and treasuring all she could. A college student. | Sharma Ji ki Beti. | A Tweeter. | Just A Kid. | She can be contacted through her blog or Twitter handle.

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