Sunday Featured Blogger #13

With the start of this month May, I am starting a new, weekly series, on my blog.  In it I am featuring 20 bloggers for 20 Sundays starting from today till September 2017. 

The Blogger to be featured today is Bhavish Shah 


Can you tell me a little about yourself and your blog – mentioning something known and unknown to the readers?

My name’s Bhavish aka The Gud1. I just completed my Diploma in Engineering and have been writing for the last 3 years i.e. since I started my diploma. I won’t call myself a blogger; I’m just a teenager who loves sharing his experiences with the awesome people out on the internet. I’m a freelance photographer, graphic designer and writer by passion. I write about Technology, Travel and sometimes share my personal ideas through The Gud1.

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working on your blog or through blogging communities?

I’m lucky enough to meet so many people who share the same passion as I do. Best part of me blogging has been meeting people who actually read my blogs. Meeting these people feels awesome, the way they share their experiences is just heartwarming!

What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog? You can tell me about your usual day routine.

When I’m not writing you’ll mainly find me completing the assignments I get in college. Reading books has always been something I look forward to at the end of the day. I usually have a book by my bedside. As I said before I’m also a photographer and a graphic designer and that’s what you’ll find me doing in my free time.

Everyone has a favourite/least favourite post. Tell me about your best and worst post and why?

My best post? Actually I’m never satisfied by what I write. I always feel there’s something missing. But if I were to choose my favourite post has to be “A Letter to Myself”. 2017 has been a tough year for me, had to deal with depression and this was that one post that I wrote that made me realise my worth! My worst post was something I had written for a brand (which of course can’t be mentioned) because it was something full of praise for the worst brand I had worked with. I had it live for like about 48 hours and later deleted it because I just could stand it. Though the views were great actually one of the best, but it didn’t satisfy me much.

Name some of the bloggers – at least 3 of your favourites, whom you look up to and why?

I love reading to these 3 bloggers a lot – Ajay Jain, Harsh Agarwal and Malini Agarwal aka MissMalini. Ajay Jain through Kunzum offers an amazing travel guide with compelling pictures and videos. Kunzum Travel Cafe is an initiative which gives readers an opportunity to share their travel stories. Harsh Agarwal is the guy behind ShoutMeLoud. He runs various niche specific blogs, I would suggest you to check out his personal blog for more details on him. Okay so now don’t judge me I’m a self-confessed Bollywood buff and who could cover Bollywood better than MissMalini.

Tell me about your proudest achievement(s)? (Related to Blogging)

My proudest achievement has to be the love I get from the readers. I’d like to share this achievement though it isn’t that great it is one of the most amazing thing anyone could do for me. One reader actually anonymously sent me a gift which contained of a pair of headphones I still use. The package was not labelled and shipped directly to me through flipkart. I still haven’t been successful to find that reader but the search is on!

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

The driving force to make a blog successful is “Passion”. There are like millions of steps mentioned all over the internet on how to become a successful blogger. I’d say don’t follow them. Follow Your Heart. Your heart has the right way to become a successful blogger. Do what you love, Be Original!

I am sure you know me as a blogger or your friend on social media or may be even as a person in real so how would you rate my writings and tell me your honest opinion on me – this would serve as a testimonial.

I may not know much about you but through your writings and tweets you are the smartest and boldest person I may know. You’re also the most straightforward person I got connected to and honestly love your tweets. I ain’t that active on twitter but whenever I check out twitter I make sure to check out your twitter page.

Bhavish Shah– Twitter Blog | Facebook | Instagram

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Indibeam – Write & Publish your words

The writing commune is divided into two groups:

  1. writers who have Websites and
  2. Writers who don’t.

Having a Website will not necessarily make a writing career, and it alone won’t wrap up book deals, hitch literary agents, or guarantee best-seller status—but if you’re a writer hoping to get your novel, short stories, poetry, or essays published, having a writing platform is important which will encourage you to write more without being judged or biased which helps you to showcase your work in the right direction and is what Indibeam is all about.

‘Writers are our main assets’ – says Rahul Prajapati, who is one of the founders of Indibeam. We not only provide an encouraging and a supporting platform to publish content online but keep promoting and supporting writers. Writing is an honorable act. It’s one that the whole team of Indibeam embraces wholeheartedly and has been fortunate enough to provide online space for budding writers/bloggers to express themselves through words.

Indibeam was started in July 2017 by a team of four college friends, Rahul Prajapati, Abhishek Jungi, Jignesh Patel and Hiren Brahmbhatt based in Gujarat. They encourage budding and upcoming writers by publishing their original work from various genres. All this is available for free for readers. The founders’ team is very friendly and they expect its members to take personal interest in promoting this platform and support by suggestions and feedback to make it even better. Indibeam strives to create “The Best” platform for budding writers by honouring their creativity and thus bringing out their real talent, by enabling their writing through the website, and by spreading their work to the people through social media sharing and thus establishing them in their writing profession.

I strongly believe “Writing is a journey into the unknown”, and Indibeam is now moving ahead to make the unknown known. It is the perfect platform for self-discovery. With so many talented members already in it, it is a place where you learn and unlearn so many things about writing.  For the dreamers, for the schemers, let’s all grab this opportunity to put on our writing hats, put ‘pen to paper’ and get those creative juices flow in a right way. I am pompous to be a part of Indibeam and you can too join for free to publish your words, thoughts, opinions and to feel proud to be part of the elite club of writers. For more click here – Indibeam.

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Letter to that Child

You were so sweet back then. There was not much to do in your life other than watching He-man and Power puff girls and drawing them. All your drawing notebooks were filled with action figure and superhero drawings. Your mother never appreciated them but I loved them all. Every time you went to school you felt bad. You didn’t have many friends and only I was there to sit with you.

You wanted to run away from home and live in a kingdom. You wanted to reside in a tomb surrounded by beautiful grass and snow covered mountains. The only person with whom you could share your desires and dreams was me. Your father was always busy and when he did talk to you, he seemed responsible than loving.

You wanted to hold your mother’s hand. She was very beautiful. You wanted to touch her cheeks. But that never happened. She was never there to lend an accepting ear to your words of innocence. Whatever you felt, only you and I knew about it.

The girl you wanted to kiss rejected you. You were mesmerised by her presence but she didn’t find you attractive. You were never very handsome like some guys were and you accepted this painful reality. You wanted to play with puppies but your mother didn’t allow you to do so. But both of us know how much fun it was to play with puppies without anybody knowing about it!

Everytime you smiled for a picture to be clicked, it seemed forced. You wanted to smile freely but your father suppressed your laughter. He called you a fool for laughing too much. And you buried away your joy. You wanted to play tennis like those players you used to watch on TV. But nobody cared for that. Never ever somebody praised your skating skills. And we were left alone in each other’s company.

You still cry when those moments haunt you on dark lonely nights. You sleep in a comfortable room on a double bed but something within feels trapped. Your eyes get wet when you look at the pictures from your childhood. The only thing you remember from those days is being alone and in pain.

Now you don’t have to feel sad. I am there. I have always been there. Together we will become the waterfall of joy to each other’s lives crying souls that long for affection and care. I will give you freedom and let you do what you love.

After all, you are who I was in childhood. You are the child who still lives in me and wants to break free of the past wounds. I am you and you are me. Together we are enough and never alone.

About the guest blogger : Arpit Chhikara loves to write, roam around, sleep and does whatever there is in between. You might find him in social events telling stories or watching art movies. He is young and curious about things that pertain to human behavior. Other than writing, he plans for big things many of which stay in his fantasies. Some of them turn real. Either way, his plans leave him with a story to tell, be it of success or failure. Waiting for his hero’s journey to begin, Arpit is slowly stepping towards an independent life.


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Mitti Da Bawa

The Original Punjabi Lyrics 

Mitti da main bawa banani aan, ve jhagga paani aan, ve utte deni aan khesi ,
Soun ja mitti diaa baawiaa, ve tera pio pardesi

Mitti da bawa nahion bolda, nahion chaalda , naan hi denda e hungaara ,
Na ro mitti deaa baawiaa, ve tera pio banjaara

kade taan main launi aan tahliaan , ve pattaan vaaleean , ve mera patla maahi ,
kade launi aan shaihtoot , ve tainu samajh na aave

Mere jehiaan lakhkh goriaan ,ve tanee doriaan ,haae godee baal hindole ,
Hass hass dendiaan loreeaan, haae mere ladan sapole

English Translation :

I craft a little clay doll, make it wear little shirt, cover it with a blanket..
Don’t cry little clay doll, Your Dad is abroad..

My little clay doll does not speak, does not respond ..
Don’t cry little clay doll, Your Dad is a vagabond..

I planted the sheesham trees, they grew lovely leaves,aah my beloved..
I planted the trees of shehtoot. why don’t you correspond..

The other women of the town, as pretty as me, have kids in there lap..
Sing them lullabies , and my soul is snakes playground.

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3 Favorite Foods you are thankful for #ThankfulThursdays #Week33

Food is an important part of everyday life, it always has been. Without food we wouldn’t be able to live. But do you LOVE your food? Do you taste and savor it. Is food a major part of YOUR life? My relationship with food has been very romantic throughout my life. Food was one of the very first things I ever took interest in. I remember being the happiest little kid alive when my mom would take my brother and I to Nirulas in Delhi after a dentist appointment as a little kid, or being the happiest teenager alive when my mother would cook her amazing fish for dinner. Food is everywhere in our world whether you choose to take an interest in it or not. We as human beings can literally not live without food and even if we could life without food would be terrible. Food comforts us in a way no other substance can. Food in itself is a culture and will continue to be a huge part of our culture until the day we are wiped off of this earth.

What if there was one simple act that could cultivate more happiness, peace, success, health, and love in your life? t is FOOD. While we may be far removed from the origins of our meal, food connects us in ways that we probably take for granted. How would our lives change if we took a few moments to express gratitude every time we ate? I am ever Thankful to these 3 wonder foods of my life.

Chicken Biryani is a classic one-pot dish is quick to make and feeds plenty of mouths. And what’s more, it’s even better the next day, so any leftovers will be welcome! And it’s a visual delight too – a beautiful array of long-grained rice, tender chicken and pungent spices studded with fresh mint and coriander, topped with fried onions and boiled egg wedges. Chicken is a good quality protein and when combined with rice, herbs, spices and yogurt, it makes a healthy and filling one pot meal – like every classic chicken dum biryani should be. I love it piping hot essentially with a raita and salad.

There’s something about gajar ka halwa that cannot be described. As I write this post, I can’t help but crave for the wonderful looking orange colored dessert. Everyone at home looks forward to it, because the dish screams calories, love, care, tradition and so much more. Everything from its fragrance to the ghee melting on it brings back beautiful memories of my childhood, and every time I eat it, I become a child again. Carrots contain Vitamin D which helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Moreover, we’ve been told since childhood that eating carrots improves vision. Thus, all those calories aren’t bad, so finish that halwa in your bowl. Dry fruits are considered super foods so the more you add to your halwa, the better it is. Plus it’s a grandma thing to add almonds, cashews and walnuts to every halwa ever made in the house. These just have to be in it.

Imagine waking up to a plateful of paranthas on the table. I love…love…love stuffed paranthas! And for me, the KING of all stuffed paranthas is Aaloo Parantha. Aloo Parantha is a wholesome dish. A whole meal in itself, this parantha recipe tastes great when served with raita and pickle. Made with mashed potatoes, chopped onions and spices, it takes you directly to heaven.  They are just perfect to eat during breakfast, meal time or dinner time. Whichever Parantha you eat without patting Makhan (butter) on it will not taste good. I prefer my Aloo Parantha with ghee or butter and like to eat them when it’s hot.

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Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Return of Damayanti

Blurb: On his second adventure, Bhrigu Mahesh is called to help by a hapless, retired clerk named Nataraj Bhakti, who thinks he is being haunted by the spirit of his dead wife. As he investigates, the mystery deepens and takes a sinister turn. A woman gets brutally murdered, and the great detective faces the challenge to either catch the killer or risk the destruction of many innocent lives.

About the author: Nisha Singh is the author of ‘The Witch of Senduwar (Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD #1)’. This is the second book in the series, featuring the inimitable detective Bhrigu Mahesh and his friend Sutte. She is a crime fiction enthusiast who has written short stories for National Print Magazine and has contributed to a variety of online publications. Nisha is a prolific reader and writer and her stories have surprising endings. Nisha resides in Uttar Pradesh, India. You can read more about Nisha Singh here 

Review:  I believe this is the second novel written by Nisha Singh of the Bhrigu Mahesh PhD series. I have not heard or read about the first book. I got this book as a part of the Book review program from Blogadda, thank you team for selecting me for this activity. I am found of thrillers/mysteries and suspense genre, if it is lengthy without making me bore, it usually tops my list. The current book Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti belonged to that genre but 432 pages bored me a lot. The author if wanted could have ended the novel within 300 pages but it was dragged a lot unnecessarily. As I had to write this review, I forced myself to complete the book. The story sets in motion with a retired Government servant – Nataraj Bhakti meeting the protagonist Bhrigu Mahesh requesting to help him since he was being haunted by his dead wife Damayanti. Mahesh agrees to help after the urging from Bhakti and arrives at the village with his assistant Sutte. They eyewitness paranormality in the preliminary stages of their investigation and Sutte gets influenced it was Damayanti, but Mahesh thinks it if not and doesn’t believe in Sutte’s version. Mahesh gets to meet the locals of the village- Manjunath and Parichay Mishra a Priest, as he comes near to solve the mystery, a character named Savita gets killed. Who killed her and why? Is that Damayanti who did this? More questions follow with this murder. The story has many incidents and characters which made me unsure of as to what exactly was happening and whether it is ghostly or humane. The twists and turns did not impress me much.

The book is divided into three parts.

Part 1 gives an introduction of the case

Part 2 the actual action begins

Part 3 dwells into the killer’s psychology, about the how’s, why’s and what’s, giving the path to conclusion.

I like mysteries/thrillers but rarely with Indian backdrop. The author tried to copy the style of Holmes and Watson or Poirot and Hastings combination if you carefully notice the body language and characteristic features of Bhrigu and Mahesh. Despite the fact they complement each other; the writing did not go well with me. Regrettably, there are many grammatical errors and irregular phrasing when the characters are “subjugated to the piercing white noise,” or when I read that the victim is “badgered…to death.” Towards the end of the book narration was quick to close the case showing how convenient Bhrigu’s deductive reasoning is/was. I haven’t read the previous book; I feel the earlier one may be boring (at least for me it is). The author has tried to keep up the story with suspense, but the pace of it was not up to scratch. The writing definitely needs modification as it turns slow and suspense stories are meant to be fast paced full of action. For me the book did not give any curious questions, few incidents were expected. If the book was decently edited and had less or no flaws I would have surely recommended it for mystery genre lovers. But if you have read the first part and it thrilled you, then you can go ahead and read this installment.

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books! 

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