July 4 2017

Consumers Perception towards the word ‘No.1’s

Earlier a decade ago, it was impacting on brand during the branding/campaigning  by using the words like “world’s No. 1, India’s No.1, Country’s No.1 or No.1 brand “ . But now if looking into the current market trend, it does not give that much impact on brand by using ‘No.1’ either in rural or urban market because consumers psychic /perception level has been changed due to aggressive market competition. And, consumers are well-aware about brand before buying.

A decade ago, the word ‘No. 1’was expressing as a symbol of “Brand Trust/Brand Loyal” where many consumers (Especially in rural market) were buying the products based on it.  Today’s consumers are more concern about convenience factor & result oriented whether products are branded or local. Before buying, consumers are gathering information & taking review from various sources online/offline and then make a buying decision.

Moreover, brands are not sustaining No.1 position for a longer period as a market leader due to competitive & substitute market/segment. Consumers are emphasizing more on result which they aspiration for either local or familiar brands.

According to current competitive market trend, it would be better to visualize more about features/services/convenience advantage rather than concerning to ‘No.1’ because consumers are highly looking for something in unique or articulate form where they can show willingness towards your brand.

Brand can become stronger & trustable when Consumer is willingly expressing that your brand is No.1. Let consumers should feel satisfaction towards your brand and give them preference to express their review about your brand. Let consumers do campaign through ‘Word of Mouth’ communication then your brand influencing extremely.

Let Consumers do speaking your Brand No.1 willingly when Brand is:

(1) Robustly Acceptable across the market

(2) Extremely feel convenience & satisfaction in all the form (like behavior, service, product availability & many other features playing a vital role)

(3) Consistently give consumers preference & admiration

Author Bio: Virag Shah – Gujarat (India), Passion about Brand Strategy & Development, Consumer behavior & Analysis, Concept development & Market Research, Competitive Brand Analysis etc. More 9 years spent in marketing/advertising and having key expertise in the whole FMCG, pharma, OTC healthcare, Ayurvedic, Retail & Service Industry. Twitter:-  @viragshah4 Blog:- www.viragbrand.blogspot.com



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