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If you own a smartphone, there’s a big chance that you’re already using a messaging app and WhatsApp has become a very popular instant messaging app for smartphones that is used by millions of people in all over the globe. Whatsapp is crowned as the most practical chatting application ever made. Whatsapp, like similar chat applications, features the profile. Profile feature on Whatsapp provides an ease for you to change the display picture and status. You can change your Whatsapp status as often as you want. To make a very meaningful Whatsapp status, you need a lot of references that you can obtain through searching to various sites that offer assistance in making Whatsapp status, one of them with the Best WhatsApp Status is WhatsStatus. This site is very recommended for anyone who wants to be a smart Whatsapp user with peppy, happening and interesting status messages. went live in July 2016, and since then they have published more than 18000 unique Whatsapp Status with over 60 categories like (Love, Sad, Funny, Breakup) to choose from and more than 90000 writers are associated with them who write and submit new status daily. with Whats Status in your reach, you can be sure that your WhatsApp Status is updated all the time.

Whatsapp status is your way to show your personality and feelings. You can also express love indirectly through a Whatsapp status or speak out your heart honestly. Make sure your love target know that you are in love with him/her and do not let him/her turns in others. By making Whatsapp status in accordance with all of your needs, then you can optimize the usage of Whatsapp to support your daily activities. Do not waste your time by making bad Whatsapp status.

The best part of this website is that you can earn money in exchange of writing and submitting unique Whatsapp Status. For each approved status, Rs 1/Status for First 200 Status is paid and then Rs 2/Status after 200 Status. Thousands of Whatsapp Status Writers have joined the community and are making handsome earnings per month. Do not just believe in these words you can check what the writers have to say about this here.

What are you waiting for? You can too join this community by signing up, share your writing skills by writing status and earn.

Come head to their website – WhatsStatus right now. I am a huge fan of their status messages which I have been using as my Whatsapp status. Their collection is unique. You just name it and you will find it.  As new status images are added on daily basis you can share them on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest too. If you wish to share any WhatsApp Status Image then simply click on any social icon just below the status and the status image you liked will get shared.

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  1. I watch whatsapp in my phone and also knew about whatsapp status . But i does not knew about best whatsapp status. So thanks for remembering me about whatsapp status.

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