Punchit.io – Review

I’m not big on apps. That may sound like an odd statement coming from someone like me who is always online and survives on Twitter app but its true. Why? It mostly comes down to two things: I only need a few apps to do my job and, beyond that, I have better things to do with my life. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not talking about necessities like browsing, email, messaging, contacts and calendar. We all depend on a handful of critical apps, which is why they’re usually built-in. And in my line of work, much of my computer time is spent using Microsoft Office particularly word. As for the gazillions of gaming, entertainment, health and fitness, social networking and productivity apps, I honestly and truly have no use for any of them.

But I believe no play makes the Jack dull and that is when I came across this wonderful app called Punchit.io which is a community based comparison network. Comparison has turned out to be one of the most important parts of our life from shopping on E-commerce platform to buying a birthday gift to which restaurant to have a meal. This is when this amazing platform called Punchit comes to our rescue.

The app Punchit.io can be downloaded to your phones from here. With this app in your phone you can create a community and start online debates through comparison posts, check for your followers suggestions before buying something, compare it for fun, entertainment or sarcasm, make surveys, have comparisons for fashion, food, shopping and much more, even start-ups.

Now you must be thinking what can be compared? You compare Trump and Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal, Prices of products on Amazon, Flipkart or snapdeal, India vs Israel, iPhone 8 vs Oneplus 5, in fact the list is endless. The more comparisons, the more content one can get to read about the best they need or are looking for.

The app is small and no complications at all. It is easy to navigate with a user friendly interface. You can join the community through Facebook Login (I used this way) or else through Google. Once you login, you can easily authenticate or allow this app to get connected; thereafter you can punch in your unique name, select 2 or 3 interests according to the suggestions given by the app and browse through the comparisons whichever interests you.

My personal favourites were – Startups, Indibeam, Punchit community, Foodoholics and Fashion brands. You can share about this app through Twitter (which I did to make a noise about it on my feed). I really liked this app and despite being a non-app person, Punchit.io has impressed me a lot. As of now I found that users are less but I am sure in the future course, this will be successful with many members. The best part of this app is signing out is as simple as signing in as many apps have problem with getting off.


I definitely feel this app is super entertaining and useful and you can share about this app through these platforms.

★ Facebook: www.facebook.com/Punchit

★ Instagram: www.Instagram.com/Punchit.io

★ Twitter: twitter.com/punchit.io2015 (Hashtag: #ComparisonMakeDisruption)

★ Website: www.Punchit.io

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