Roommates – Yay or Nay?

Even though I have stayed away from home for long enough to know what is best for me, I still keep asking myself if it is best to live with roommates or am I better off alone.

Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer to this question and obviously, by now I have taken numerous roommate quiz to check if I am ready to live all by myself. But, at the end it’s a personal decision that all apartment dwellers are entitled to make, and it always depends on what you want at the time you’re looking to rent.

The apartment I had during my college days was pretty decent and my roommates were pretty chilled out probably because we all went to the same college, got decent pocket money from home and of course shared very good roommate relationship. Most importantly, we were still in college and had little less figured out our lives so everything around was quite chilled out.

I moved three times during my first two years out of college, and though my apartments were in same city with different floor plans and wildly varying rents, one of my criteria was non-negotiable: I had to have roommates and trust me living with roommates can be pretty terrible. And trust me when I say this, because I have had roommates who leave their dishes in the sink, never take out the trash and sometimes finish your carton of milk or fought over bills.

We’ve traditionally thought of having a roommate as a necessary evil for poor, lonely singletons who can neither afford a one-bedroom apartment nor lock down a live-in partner. Because I am still young and like I did, most of us move in with one or two or even four or five roommates- yes I have got 5 roommates, because cohabitation is necessary, especially in cities where space is tight and rent is high.

For the first few weeks’ right after I moved out from my house, which as a twenty something you dream of, we know the benefits of living with roommates. It is definitely cheaper than living alone and allows you to create a network in perhaps a new city, and makes the transition from college to the real world a bit easier.

So whenever my roommate’s aren’t home, I feel like a high school student whose parents have gone on vacation. I walk around in my underwear (okay, okay, I walk around naked) and blast music. I do all the things you can never do when you’re worried your roommate will come home unexpectedly.

Living solo: having your own space, no one to else to blame for not paying rent on time or taking out the trash – these simple pleasures can be so worth it. As someone who’s about to live by myself for the first time, I wonder if I’ll miss the company of a roommate or if having a place to myself will be an adventure on its own. It’s good to go through the whole ‘living with other people experience’ but, as I see it, when you get a little bit ‘older’ the best thing is to live alone, and leave all the chaos behind 🙂

About the Guest blogger: Asmita is a blogger, and social media enthusiast who recently relocated to Mumbai, India. She is passionate about things like good coffee,reading, being outside and believes that we are in the world to do good and to grow as much as we can. She writes about her misadventures and travels in the city with some musings about life thrown in for good measure. She can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 

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