When I Started Blogging….

My blogging stint started in the year 2010. I remember that the whole idea or the zeal for creating a blog was just to document my recipes in one place. Since I’m a big foodie and also like cooking along with experimenting with different recipes, I thought nothing better than a blog to keep all my recipes in one place – and also I can share the same easily with my friends. That time I was not very much onto the social media and even social media was not like it is since past 3-4 years. However, I somehow managed to share my blog posts with me friends and family. I remember, every time I prepare a dish I used to make note of the ingredients, the method and click a picture to make it complete. Slowly I started to build upon it. However, I started losing interest as the time pass by and gradually I lost touch to my blog itself for about 5 years, till 2016.

I always had a habit of reading, especially during my commute to and from office in cab. I came across few blog posts narrating the fun of blogging. My big inspiration was my first guest post for Romila’s blog novemberschild.com. I replied to her one of the tweets about guest blogging expressing my interest of doing a guest post for her blog. She instantly responded and that was the resume of my blogging stint. This is my third guest post for her blog. I have gradually picked up speed and have done quite a few posts in last few months for my own blog. Moreover, I regained the momentum and boosted my confidence of going for a custom domain name for my blog and also self-hosting my blog.

Now I’m getting more consistent on my blogging activity and have taken part in the #BarAThon edition 2 challenge. It was really a fun and I got to read many nice and informative blog posts. The comments on my posts acted as a fuel to carry on with the challenge and complete it, which I eventually did. Now that I’ve again resumed and catching up pace I don’t want to lose it and will continue to curate posts on my blog.

About the guest blogger: Shamik is from Bangalore and because of his love for writing, he takes up freelance content writing works along with Copy Editing and Proofreading work. He calls himself a foodie and cooking is his passion. He loves experimenting with different types of recipes – especially during the weekends. He loves watching movies and ensure traveling at least thrice in a year.

Twitter Handle: @Writer_Foodie

Blog URL: http://themixedflavors.blogspot.in

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUyaZOC0MW5M3ebk3QgHHA

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