Gone September

‘Waking up, now that September has ended’, I dreamt this morning there was snow during my morning travel. Though it doesn’t in the south, it means winter is approaching. This cold, season excites me through until March. What better time to think about the stuff about winter that’s actually pretty grand?

Summer, which is completely repulsive, winter is a time when I count the few blessings I have and rely on these crutches to keep me from becoming completely desperate before the leap melt. Here are some of my favourites about winter, bet you can add more reasons in the comments. And yes, that is a dare.

Hot chocolate
Pets wearing sweaters
Winter slippers
Kids in hats
A big, 3times scarf
Getting to use cold cream moisturizer
Reflecting sun on the window
Red wines
Stews & soups
Hot tubs
Warm drinks
Shopping (everything’s on sale!)
Fuzzy boots
The foam on a latte
Toe socks
Liberal use of fairy lights
Tree branches
Wearing the muskiest perfumes
Knee socks and tights!
Fireside brunching
Quiet reading time at home
Sauna baths
The perfect blush colour, naturally
Vintage capes
Bubble baths
Hunkering down under a down comforter
Big epic novels
Earmuffs — they’re kind of glamorous, don’t you think?
Chinese new year – celebrating with Chinese food

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WOW: Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone

“Shhh! Don’t tell anyone” I hated birthdays.

I always threw a tantrum when I knew I was supposed to blow the candles on my cake. Or grab a bite of it only after the guests were served and I had to stay in my limits.

Why do I need to do it? Can’t we just skip the candles and eat the cake right away?

But I loved the gifts. The wrappers never made it alive out of my hands.

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Lean in to Relationships by Rishabh Jhol

About the Book:

has pivoted many a relationship across the centuries. Whether it is Othello
suspicious of Desdemona or through the rise of paranoia as a trope in twentieth
century writings. While paranoia naturally suggests the vulnerability of
individual mind to social rhetoric, it is also the space for deep interrogation
of the individual that renders him/her to paranoia. This novel presents that
doubt has the potential to be a space of liberation.
works in Jordan to rehabilitate Syrian refugees. Zehen, a political analyst
from India, meets her in the US during their social impact program. He is
intrigued and charmed by her, and falls deeply in love. But the world political
climate, with its accompanying cultural narratives about terror and pain, infects
Zehen’s mind. Zehen begins to suspect Madeeha as a possible mujahid. Will he
find his truth?
doesn’t devastate; it stirs the inner pot. It is a tender love story that
triumphs heartbreaks and sets the foundation of deep lasting future relationships
– a delightful emancipation from social intrigues and cultural constraints.


Read an Excerpt:
was experiencing sweet joy in his heart. Memories bustled in the head.
did he first see her? Zehen searched his head madly. Orientation session?
Corridor to the classroom? However, he tried, he couldn’t pinpoint the moment.
A whirr of images, of moments, yet-to-be collaged. And a heart that already had
a narrative, waiting to be inset.
imagine that all romantic stories will have a sigh-worthy romantic beginning.
But beginnings are when the heart awakens, when the soul remembers. A presence
stills and emerges from the shadows of time.
first memory was when she introduced herself in the class. They had gathered at
Presidium University for a one-year course on Social Impact Leadership. Outside,
the white fringe tree was laden with its grape-like fruits. The pine, oak and
spruce waited for winter to tell the world how unchangeable they were. And the
old Redwood stood proud like the institution itself. Inside, in the warm
classroom, students from various cultures across the world had gathered.
Icebreaker session was on and the usual round of introductions.
is a ritual. A cumbersome ritual. How does one reduce the tapestry of one’s
entire existence, the colors, and the many weaves into a single palatable

The Book is Free on Amazon on 29th & 30th September. Grab it here: Amazon
published my first book in 2015 and my second book in early 2016. I was single
at the time and using dating apps to meet other single people. I met a girl in
mid-2016 who took fancy to my dating profile, especially that I am an author.
After a couple of meetings, She demanded that I write about her. I jokingly
told her that I am a Phoenix writer, i.e., I fall in love, get dumped, and
write about my failed relationship. She broke-up with me, and still invariably pings
whether I am including ‘her and our relationship’ in my upcoming book(s).
genesis of this book came about while I was on a cross-country train ride in
the US. I met Mark who had been a successful marketing professional with considerable
international marketing experience. He had travelled to all of Asia and
understood the regional peculiarities.
was later diagnosed with lung cancer. By the time, it was detected, it was
stage 3. He was put under radiation and intensive chemotherapy. He went in for
three other opinions. All of them agreed that the cancer was aggressive and
spreading fast. He searched for the latest treatments and sought to enter
clinical trials. The process lasted for two years.
the meantime, the cancer advanced. The doctors said the cancer was incurable
and he didn’t have long to live. It took him weeks of denial to come around to
the truth – he didn’t have long to live.
returned home from a long walk one evening and asked himself a crucial
question: “If I am going to die, then I might as well die straight away. What
is point of waiting for death to show up?”
evening he ate well, watched a movie with his girlfriend, poured himself a rare
scotch and sat at his study. It was time. He wrote out his letter – love and
wishes to his family, loved ones and friends, his last wishes about funeral,
information on his will, and a general note thanking all. He placed it in an
envelope. He planned to kill himself early morning. He finished his scotch,
brushed and went to bed.
the middle of night, he woke up to a noise. The light was on in the study and
he could hear sniffles. He walked cautiously up and there in the study, his
girlfriend was holding his suicide letter and crying. He watched her as her
body crumpled and sink into chair. Her face contorted in agony. In her face, he
saw what was the consequence of his action. The penny dropped.
paled and listened in horror. Mark continued, “I realized that our life is
never ours. We are nothing but a bundle of emotions for the people who love us
and the people we love. The meaning of life is to optimize for the happiness of
such people. There’s nothing more to living.
day on, I have been living for maximizing the happiness of my loved ones”
how I stumbled on lean in to relationships; it has become my life philosophy.
the Author


was born into poverty. At the time of my birth, my parents shared a one -room
hut with six other family members in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Delhi.
was a hot day in the month of March 1995. I was in standard 4th and had an
examination the following day. As was regular in that locality, we didn’t have
electricity that day. I couldn’t study or sleep properly. One of the watershed
moments happened when I came back from school the next day. We had an inverter
installed at home. I knew we couldn’t afford an inverter. But my dad was always
convinced that the way out of poverty for our family is through education. 
an interest in creative writing, I chose to study a subject that society values
more – Finance.  Later, I got into one of
the top colleges for finance in the country. My first salary out of college (in
2007, when I was 20 years old) was higher than that of my dad’s salary at the time.
I was 24 years old, I had everything that makes one happy – loving parents,
great partner, close-knit group of friends, and career path that exceeded every
goal. Yet, I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t sad either; but it never felt like my life.
I had carefully and meticulously built that life though. Contextually, it was
the safe thing to do.
year though, I had to deal with the loss of my 7 year old relationship and of
my 5 year old job. My identity was crushed. My biggest lesson was that you can
fail at what you don’t want, and what you consider safe; you might as well take
a chance at what you truly want.
year, I got my ‘ideal’ job but walked away from it. Failure had taught me to be
more ambitious and audacious. I had reached a point in my life where I wanted
my work to have more meaning; and to stand for something more important than
started a political consulting company to maneuver social ascendance of
marginalized communities by equalizing access to political capital.  I primarily did topical research for MPs for
their debates in the parliament and on TV shows.  Partial project list includes:
Providing 108 rape survivors with medical,
legal, financial, and social support over six months through one of my client’s
Getting amendments passed in the communal
violence bill that tackle systemic bias towards Muslims
Helping three social entrepreneurs raise a
combined total of INR 43 lakhs from their MP for community initiatives
with running my own company, I focused on my passion for writing and traveling
as well.  I solo travelled to all seven
wonders of the world, and did two-cross country trips by train in India and in
the US.  I have also written and
published three fiction novels.


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Ridhi Drolia
Love comes in different forms. But in all its forms, it comes with various challenges. Only those who can combat those challenges are true lovers. 
The Untold Story is the tale of Vihaan and Riaa. Vihaan falls for Riaa’s charms at first sight and brings to her life crazy adventures and madness. They soon emerge as two hearts with one soul and their intimate fantasies begin to unravel in exotic places. 
Their bond experience more downs than ups. These unexpected twists and turns bring Vihaan and Riaa closer and their romantic tale turn into one of lifetime bonding. 
The story takes a drastic turn after the lovely couple is blessed with a baby boy. It should be a joyous moment, but instead, haunting memories of Vihaan’s own childhood break out as a fresh wound in his mind. 
Read the novel to know what could make a father unhappy in the happiest moment of his life and how he combats his fear. 
Caution: The story is totally addictive and may arouse your sexual urge.



Watch video of The Untold Story
Grab your copy @
About the author
Ridhi Drolia

In the author’s own words:
“The passion of writing is deep rooted in my blood. 
After completing my Global Business Management certification from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, I joined hands with a few of my friends to start my first venture. 
Post my stint with the venture, I engaged myself in my lovely family life and now I present to you the author in me.”
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Why do we do things which we do? Why do we behave in certain way? Isn’t everything already written in our destiny? Even if you change yourself, does it guarantee that it will change what is in store for you? Isn’t sometime being happy is the only option because being sad will not change anything? There’s a time when you believe in something and there comes a time when your belief is shattered to pieces, what you can do at that moment other than cursing your destiny? Isn’t god the supreme of all who has decided what will happen in your life? Can you fight against him? Why is he taking the test of only few? Why are there people who never face any odds throughout the life and why there are those who are against the odds every other second? WHY?

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Blurb: A Short Story Collection Based On The Stellar Works Of Budding Writers In India. A story you wish was NEVER narrated to an eight-year-old. Old letters of a dead father, what secrets could they hold for a long lost daughter? A chilly December morning and a lone gravestone – changed the day and someone’s life. A seemingly ‘ideal marriage’ in an old city smelling of love. An aging alcoholic superstar finding a magical cure for his incurable baldness. From middle-class Government quarter to a posh Neeti Bagh bungalow, was there a price for this! Life would have been very different for the characters in these stories, but for the choices they make. Read these stories to know what they did with their choice. You many see a reflection of yourself. Spine chilling drama and suspense, quirky, funny and awkward moments, poetic love of hopeless romantics and a lot more is packed in the pages of this collection.

Review:   Jukebox, a compilation of 15 short stories by budding writers from across the country, is a venture by Writersmelon. The result of a nationwide writing competition called Melonade, Jukebox is the outcome of the competition’s fifth edition. Thank you Writersmelon for sending me a copy of Jukebox. I was so sure of reading good short stories and I am glad the book did not disappoint me in any manner. The story – Monster by Amritorupa Kanjial was very simple and easy. The tagline will remain with the readers for really long time. The story was intelligently handled by the author. As I am keen reader of short stories than novels, for me this book served as perfect bedtime reading. I liked A deep fried love story by Deepti Raut as I strictly believe in dieting and healthy eating though I don’t struggle with diet issues. The reason why I was so excited to read this book is most of the authors including the editor are friends with me. The book has the right elements of thrill, suspense, drama, quirkiness in the right weight which did not make it a bore reading for me. Short and simple stories are definitely in demand these days. The stories from Jukebox will remain with me for real long time. “Story” by Abhishek Mukherjee and “One Day in December” by Deboshree Bhattacharjee Pandey are a worth a mention in this review.  It is a different kind of mystery story with sequences of clues that leads the readers to solve the crime and leaves it for him to piece together the last bits of the brainteaser which reminded me of my childhood activities of solving such puzzles. Stories had references of Harry Potter, Enid Blyton, cricket which added surprise part to the fiction. I am definitely recommending Jukebox to everyone, for one who is a reader and also who is not a reader. For me this is one of the best reads of 2017.

 ‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’ 

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