#ThankfulThursdays 36 :Thankful for Technology

When you’re making a list of things to be thankful for, computers and technology usually don’t make the list; as a matter of fact, they often get put on the “hate” list of things that frustrate us! However, I think it’s time to give credit where it is due! Here are the top 5 reasons why we should be thankful for the technology we have available to us:

  1. It allows us to be more “earth-friendly.” Thanks to email and the Internet, document management and cloud storage options, we can all communicate with each other without wasting paper and ink. If you are considering going paperless, we can help!
  2. We can instantly access information on practically any topic we want, whenever we want. I remember when I was a kid, all research required a trip to the library and old-fashioned research with a set of encyclopedias. Now you can research and book your next vacation, see what’s on the menu at your favorite restaurant, study for a spelling test, and asssemble a bibliography with a few clicks.
  3. It keeps us in touch. Although it can be easily argued we’ve gone too far in this department, cell phones and online forums have enabled us to find and stay in touch wit more people more frequently.
  4. It saves us time and money. Nothing has done mre for the consumer than the Internet. In minutes, you can search on and compare various products and services without having to make a single phone call or (even better) getting in your car to drive about looking for what you want. Plus, you can order just about anything online and have it shipped to your door.
  5. It keeps us organized.  Forget those post-it notes stuck all over your desk, slips of papers crammed in your pockets and daily planners.  Electronic and online organizers and calendars keep our schedules organized and synchronize to our cell phones and other mobile devices so we are always organized.

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Post 3 – Coffee & the nature

I am out for my coffee break from the discourteous and usual chore life,

Letting my tired brown eyes pamper with greenery.

The dim haze hugging the tiara of deep greenly hills,

And warming up the treacherous elevation at sun hours and falls.

I walked and explored up and down in wavy moves,

March forward for spread of green beams along the miles

The trains of browns planted escalating delight,

Conquered the gravity’s rigidness and softness in ups and downhill

In journal, cameras clicked rambling dark rugs,

What an alluring treat to me. 

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That Day Before Sunrise

It’s 3:37 in the morning as I write this and I’ve been awake since 10:00 AM yesterday, after having finally fallen asleep at 7:40 earlier that morning, prior to another sleepless night. If the times in that sentence are hard to figure out, forgive me. Though they seem to make sense to me, I am likely as confused as you. I can’t make time of my sleeplessness. Even the uatterance of that word, like a hiss, a deflating air mattress, a string of zzzzzzzzzs in a vacuum, no medium or tempo. No time. No sleep.

That day before sunrise and many more days, as I lay awake nights, a flashlight in one hand, book in the other. Stories unraveled, pages turned. When I did not or could not read my mind turned over stories of its own. I remember one Christmas Eve when I still believed in Santa Claus: the excitement, the anticipation! No way I was going to sleep that night. My father put me down in his bed, probably knowing that I would not sleep. He said, “Just stay here, and look out the window. You might see Santa and his sleigh.”

I once read that Napoleon Bonaparte was an insomniac, that he slept in fifteen-minute naps every few hours, which helped with his brilliant military strategy, but his years of insomnia—for all we know—also could’ve compounded, the effects contributing to his failures at Waterloo.

For the last two hours I lay in bed, those soothing sounds dripping in my ears from ear buds, and nothing. Instead I have an itch on my back, just beneath the shoulder blade. Then my calf itches, then my ankle. Now the itch has migrated to my temple and my neck. I think my curriculum vitae looks pretty good now. The Tables in Microsoft Word are irritating. I should probably be reading instead of being on the Internet. That is, reading a real book.

Without a dream to steal away, my night is fractured and torn till a day leaks in and I must begin . . . Again.

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