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In life, we go through heaven, and we go through hell, I use both heaven and hell as mere adjectives, they are a state, not a destination. Whatever you are going through, take a minute. Tough times, ecstatic ones, tired, depressed, charming, perfect, do this. Just pick one, anyone, randomly, any order, do them one a year, one a month, one a day, just do it, do it all together. Or don’t do them at all, just know them.

  • Take a breath
  • Listen to everything
  • ‘think the opposite’ – brainsparker
  • Jump
  • We all share a common relationship with the moon, and the sun, and the earth, and the trees, and the water, and the people, they’re ours! Lookout for them

[News Flash: Donald Trump is approaching the stature of Voldemort, he who must not be named, you know who. He is past that of Hitler. But he is also everything that’s good about this day and age. More on that later.]

  • ‘look around you for clues’ – brainsparker
  • Close your eyes
  • (I hope you are actually doing it)
  • Try Listening to Gooey by Glass Animals
  • Take your time
  • How strong are you?
  • How far can you crawl, if you had to?
  • I’m sure you can outrun someone, if you had to?
  • Confidence
  • This moment, is it good enough to say, ‘life is good’
  • Does ‘better’ ever exist?
  • Time for another breath?
  • Stretch
  • Does your neck need some exercise?

[News Flash: Man is testing nuclear basis on a monthly basis, the word ‘hurricane’ probably made the second most headlines in the year 2017, running slightly short of ‘Trump’]

  • Listen to This Feeling, by Alabama Shakes
  • Jump Again
  • What happened today?

 What would make you shit yourself? There’s a science behind it.

  • Ah, fuck it!
  • Have a smoke. Do you smoke? If no, just do it, you’ll hate, or you’ll love it. If yes, you’ll love it or you’ll loathe it.
  • You came out stronger
  • Define ‘anxious’

[News Flash: Man is begging, each other. Man is borrowing, heavy debts. Man is stealing, from himself. Man is raping, his own. Man is killing, his own. Man is racist, man is stupid. Man doesn’t know, himself.]

  • Go drink some water
  • How you feeling?
  • Is there such a thing as too much light?
  • When was the last time you danced?
  • Jazz
  • Wormhole

[News Flash: Man has sleeping disorders, man has anxiety, man had depression, man has paranoia, and man has a medicine for each of them. Man makes money selling it (to himself). Man eats leaf, man travels fast, man is thief, man eats foie gras, man wears silk, man drinks milk, man eats monkey, man becomes a junkie.]

  • Is ‘sleeping well’ a myth? Can people really do that? You’re telling me, people can sleep well, people sleep well. What if sleeping well was the way to survive, be an enigma, an age. What would we evolve into if we all slept a minimum 17 hours a day?
  • Socks?

[News Flash: Every man is giving the choice to elect his own, but majority wins. Man complies to laws of nature, man defies laws of nature, man tries to build boundaries between people, man don’t welcome one another.]

  • You had water, right? Pour or buy yourself a large Balvenie on the rocks, or its equivalent! It’s on me!
  • If you met Jesus, what would you talk about?
  • Do a push-up?
  • Smile
  • Why is ‘missing’ things a thing? Have you ever missed something?
  • Whatever does it mean?
  • Feel your energy

[News Flash: 2017 will also be remembered as the year the human race rediscovered itself. In many ways, some new qualities emerged, some old ones sustained, man has bad habits.]

  • What if someone was watching you right now?
  • Spend some time in darkness
  • ‘Remember, if the mind wants to think, let it think!’ – headspace

 Are you scared of yourself?

  • Let it go, whatever it is, let it go
  • Would you prefer a death by drowning?
  • What are your thoughts about jumping from a plane?
  • What if everything you were thinking could and would happen at this moment was actually happening?
  • Do you have to hate things? What is hate? Think about the time you were in a situation where you might have been hated?
  • Go for a swim. If you don’t swim, just go in sit in your Jacuzzi or whatever.
  • What is that taste in your mouth?
  • I know you feel it, you’re strong! You know it! You’re doing it means you’ve done it! Or does it?
  • Clear blue sky
  • From time to time, it is okay to move on from things
  • Play a song
  • Are you hungry?
  • There is a chance that whatever you are thinking is wrong. (science, bro!)
  • Walking is not something that we have to do, walking is what we are born to do

[News Flash: Man knows where he came from, man knows exactly where he will go, but he doesn’t (accept it). Man is superstitious, man is scared, man in bored, man is vicious, man is brave, man is strong, sometime man is wrong, but man does crave.]

  • Think about ‘god’
  • Have you ever thrown something? What was it? How far were you able to throw it?
  • Skipping stones
  • Rolling Stones
  • Are you proud of yourself?
  • What do you need right now? What is stopping you?
  • Have a look in the mirror
  • Do whatever you feel like. Just do it.
  • Nike or Adidas?
  • Do you have a favorite bar?
  • Have you ever felt stressed? What do you do to relieve stress?
  • What do you want right now?
  • What do you feel about your heart?
  • Whoever came up with the concept of usernames?
  • Riff
  • Can you cook? Can you swim? Can you ride a bike? Can you drive? How important are these things?
  • If you had to, how would you calm yourself?
  • Do you take it hot or cold?
  • Religion?
  • Take a back seat
  • Yes
  • Is it bad to say ‘no’? What was the last thing you said ‘no’ to?
  • How long can we survive without being able to smell things?
  • I’m fairly certain that if someone ever told you that there was a science that proved that eyes need rest, you would believe it
  • AutoCorrect
  • Hear the clock tick
  • Make someone laugh
  • If you could perform a social experiment, what will it be?
  • When was last time you checked your ‘Spam’ folder?
  • How spatially aware are you right now?

[News Flash: Man created things, to live, and then to live easily. Man invented the wheel, the warrior of the land, the greatest of invention of all man. Today man can fly, man can sleep under water, and today man is threatened by the industries he created to balance his civilization’s natural instincts. Man explored the virtual dimensions, wireless, man dug up his mother nature to get these conveniences stood up, and today man is worried of (artificially) out-smarting himself. Man’s own intelligence is (artificially) a threat for himself. But in the meantime, it can drive his car, and order his groceries, and perform surgical operations, and optimize warehouses, and amaze himself.]

  • Are you cyber-secure?
  • Think about your mother
  • Piano
  • Think about the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, the Statue of Liberty, monuments, wonder of the world.
  • What time is it?
  • Are you grateful? What did you last thank someone for?
  • Do you remember that dream?
  • Sunshine
  • See yourself smile
  • Seek
  • Hold something that’s yours
  • What does believing in yourself feel like?
  • Stop
  • Take a minute

If you can’t find yourself indulging in poetry or other equivalent idiosyncrasies, what is life, if not knowing what you need, what is life, if not finding exactly what you want, whose is this life if you’re not owning it?

About the Guest blogger: Raghav Mathur, Born in Gandhi’s paradise, surviving hurricanes in Trump’s de-fenceless kingdom. Life is all about that spice, and freedom. 27 years young, conquering life on Planet Earth, one day at a time. Spends a lot of time to thinking about aliens.

All feedback welcomed and viewed as constructive criticism. Offense is neither given or taken.

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