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Godrej Protekt – A family that’s here to protect yours. Godrej Protekt brings you a range of liquid hand soaps, alcohol free hand sanitizers & mosquito repellent that safeguards your family members against dirt, germs & mosquitoes.

Godrej Protekt has come up with hygiene products and hand wash that are safe for kids, skin & fight against germs for longer hours. The alcohol in the normal hand sanitizer might dry your palms but Godrej Protect offers you non-alcoholic hand sanitizer, which is naturally driven, kills 99.9% germs and protects your skin.

When it comes to hygiene, we all are keen about washing our hands properly. We also wish that our children follow these practices. So, Godrej Protekt has bought one of the best hand wash in India like HappyFoam Hand wash, MasterBlaster Hand wash & MasterChef hand wash. These liquid soap hand washes are soft on hands & tough on germs. You can also buy this hand sanitzer online at Godrej Protekt Products online section.


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