November 3 2017

The Exchange Offer

If you care for someone, their problems become yours. Conversely, your problems become theirs as well if they care as much. If someone else is upset, you’re as upset as if it’s your own problem. Is that good or bad? Well you’re upset for a longer period of your life, but it’s nice or bad to know that someone else is also so worried about you and takes your own problems to heart; the confusion is because in the first place you don’t want the other person to suffer at all and that’s why you feel bad for them when something’s wrong for them in the first place but when you’re upset, so are they double dose of upset good or bad? Ok it’s confusing!! All you want is the other person to be happy… I have no idea as such what I want to say -All this is kind of obvious- No point so Huh?

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