November 4 2017

30 Minutes Timer To Just Write – Silence- my best friend

My God it harms a lot!!

Akin to smashing repetitively beside a barbed wall there were hurts and pains no matter which way I turned.

Sheltered in a deep dark prison which I shaped out of these conditions, I was lost and awfully stuck. Would that be expressed? Devoid of danger of burial, how could I? Stretched out on a treatment sofa or safe in a confessional stall, clarify how I could be resigned to whatever this was?

Do not recall all that, because whatever I am now is kaput. And not broken, with a hairline or split – this is compressed. Irreversible and not fatal. So living meant living with it. Being myself without fading or altering, as I believed change meant to answer questions – why, how, what and wherefore of the ladder leading to the darkness.

And that brings things to a full circle because it’s apparent that elucidation was out of the inquiry.

So silence became my best friend. A healing blanket I could choke in to cover. While I couldn’t repair, I could try to overlook. Or at least make believe. Silence isn’t a lie, when reality is like a knife; it’s the pinnacle of gamble.

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November 4 2017

Empire by Devi Yesodharan

Blurb: An Indian empire at the peak of its power. A great port heaped with spices, silks, jewellery, perfumes, weapons. Everyone wants a share of the riches of Nagapattinam. When a Greek pirate ship sails in to loot the wealth of the Cholas, it is brutally defeated by the navy and forced to pay a compensation. A payment that includes a twelve-year-old girl, Aremis. Aremis grows up to be a skilled warrior, a great asset to the Cholas. But she is a foreigner among her captors, even though the emperor trusts her to guard his person. Anantha, the man who took her captive, the supreme commander of the empire’s armies, is a wily strategist. But he no longer has the stomach for war. The emperor’s ambitions weary him. Rajendra Chola has conquered Lanka, now he wants to rule the Indian Ocean. Their future is set: a dangerous journey across the seas and a bloody, brutal war they cannot survive undamaged.

About the author: Devi Yesodharan was a speech-writer for Infosys chairman N.R. Narayana Murthy. Now, when she isn’t obsessively reading up on the Cholas, she works as a co-founder on Trendlyne, a financial investing platform. Empire is her first novel.

Review: If you’re a history lover and simply can’t get enough of delving deep into records of the past, this new historical fiction book will be right up your alley. Authored by Devi Yesodharan’s—who used to work as a speech writer for Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy—Empire is her first novel that tells the story of the Chola period by capturing an era when Tamil power was at its peak. However, it’s the 12-year-old Greek girl Aremis who will pique your curiosity. Taken as a prisoner of war by the Cholas, Aremis slowly becomes the kingdom’s greatest warrior and a bodyguard to the emperor Rajendar Chola. The book is thorough in its research and explicit in its historical details, and will transport you back to one of the most powerful empires of the time. This is an all-out adventure based in a very interesting time in our history, and the story switches between the narrators Aremis and Anantha—one an outsider on the margins, the other a senior commander. So you see what’s happening from two parallel perspectives, with the action intersecting when they meet. I found the style a lot of fun to write. I hope it is fun for the reader as well.

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