November 16 2017

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Ah winter, the season of blizzards and subzero temperatures, of snowfall and coziness and jingle bells. It ends our years and ushers in a new one in all its frozen grace. Now I know that lots of people beg for winter’s end as soon as the first snowflake hits the earth, but this time of tundra has always been my one of my favorite seasons. Winter has such a magic to it; yes it has its brutal moments and you certainly have to be careful, but with precaution and the right positive attitude, winter can be an absolute blast. OK this might be a bit controversial, but hear me out–I actually like the cold quite a bit. There is something clean and refreshing about the cold that the winter brings, something rejuvenating almost when it first starts. However, even more than that, I love getting warm from the cold. Wrapping yourself in sweaters and scarves is super cozy and being able to go inside and curl up with a book and hot chocolate is incredibly comforting and it’s a satisfaction that doesn’t come unless you’d endured the cold first. Some of the magic lies in anticipation and also freezing temperatures all year sounds less than pleasant. Just as there is magic in the first snowfall, there is also a magic in flowers blooming again in spring. I really do love winter, however, and I’m excited for it to come into full swing in just a few weeks.

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