December 7 2017

My Story

Some people believe in dreams, in wishes, in unconditional love or in love with the first sight. I used to be one of those people. I used to live in a world full of magic a world that none can possibly hurt me. A world completely safe for me and my heart. I was a dreamer and none or nothing could take away my dreams. I was perfectly happy and safe. I was keeping my distance from everyone. I was building huge walls around me so none can come and get me from my world, reality, safety and then suddenly you showed up. You brought confusion in my life. But it was a sweet confusion. We were having good time together. I shared my dreams, my hopes with you. And little by little you took everything from me. I didn’t get it because I was blindly I was in love with you that I never knew when did we turn soulmates who were just inseparable. I was so foolish that for a while I actually believed that you love me. I thought that you were feeling the same way I did. No, that was another dream of my imagination or maybe a nightmare. I woke up and none was there next to me. You disappeared. I can’t sleep; I can’t dream I can’t hope. I lost my way, I lost my soulmate. I am in my cold dark room. Once again I cannot breath. My pretty happy world fell apart. I am faking a smile, a laugh to my friends so they can think that I’m fine, I’m empty. I loved you more than you deserve so you hurt me more than I can stand. How can I ever love again? You have the whole me. My wounds are so real. When are they going to heal? Will they? I’ve tried so hard to realize that you’re gone. That you will never come back again and that I have to move on. But unfortunately I’m a terrible liar. You have all of me and I’m empty inside. The dark and the black is my personality now.

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