Half a Rupee Stories by Gulzar

Half a Rupee Stories is a book written by Gulzar and translated by Sunjoy Shekhar. He is a world renowned poet, lyricist and director. The language used by him is simple and easy to understand and most of all it has the power to touch the heart. Half a Rupee Stories is a collection of 25 short stories. I will say that it is a collection of 25 gems. Each story touches the heart and leaves a message for the soul.

It has real life lessons learned after years of experience. Some stories are filled with suspense and thrill while others highlight the various issues faced in life in a unique way. It has real life stories of Javed Akthar (his nick-name is Jaadu :)), Sahir Ludhianvi and Kuldip Nayyar. Many locations of the stories are located around the border regions. There are also some stories of  Mumbai. The best thing which i liked about this book is that it shows us how to find a bigger and higher meaning from our daily experiences. It shows how to look at life from a broader perspective.

Gulzar Sahib’s stories remind distinctly of Ruskin Bond and his style of writing about small time life anecdotes. Taking us through the various small and big incidents happening in the world around us, every story unfolds a small mystery or unravels a forgotten memory and emotion. Thanks to few of the bookoholics who recommended this book, it goes into the permanent collection of books for revisiting time and again. With just about 200 pages it’s a book you can carry anywhere, read anywhere and feel the magic of Gulzar ji’s story telling very effectively.

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One thought on “Half a Rupee Stories by Gulzar

  • December 17, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    I am a big fan of Gulzar Saab’s poetry. I love your of telling the highlights of this book. I like to read short stories and life experiences. Thank you for such a lovely review. This is the next book I am going to buy.

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