5 things that change when you are on the wiser side of 30 – Deepali Joshi

20s is a wonderful age. Life is carefree and the enormity of LIFE has not yet dawned upon most of us. As soon as you take a turn from 20 to 30, a huge wave of wisdom hits you in the face. Even when you desperately try to hold on to the remnants of your 20s, the reality sets in sooner or later and when it does, it turns your world upside down.

Among the many other changes that happen internally, a lot of changes happen in the perception of others towards you. And the more you resist and convince yourself that nothing has changed, the world will make sure you don’t forget that you are no longer in your younger and vibrant 20s.

30+ is a funny age bracket. There are some phenomenal changes happening in a woman’s body…no, not the one you are thinking. That one happens after 50. I am talking about the weight that gathers around the once upon a time, very slim waist. A couple of grey hair strands start popping up somewhere in the dark thick mane. And an infrequent pain in the back or the neck subtly suggests that you are now on the wiser side of 30.

Now that I have made you sufficiently anxious, let me tell you about the 5 things that change in a weird way around you when to cross the milestone at 30:

  • Aunty Syndrome- On the wiser side of 30, you become an aunty for the universe. The ugly, bulky and obviously older than you watchmen, doodh walas, press walas and sabji walas respectfully (!) call you aunty while you stick to addressing them as “bhaiya” throughout. And it spreads like wild-fire which can never be put out.
  • Beat the ageing skin…Ageing, really? – You realise that every natural line on your face has a name..….wrinkles, blemishes, laughter lines, crow’s feet etc. and you become a favourite customer of the sales girl at your Salon. Every new dermatology invention that promises younger skin is offered to you in bulk. Not to mention the regular hair color and touch up appointments you will take to cover up those increasing greys. The appreciative stares with a tinge of jealousy that you used to get from your female colleagues are now replaced by sympathetic looks of you facial girl. You are going to need extra care now!
  • Supplements to support the ageing bones and muscles- As if skin care was not enough, your physician will now start you on a regular dose of supplements of vitamins and minerals to compensate the depletion happening in your body around this turn of age. The friendly pharmacist’s advice on the latest drugs to combat the ageing bones will make you feel like a dilapidated building ready to collapse any moment. Hear the rumbling sounds, anybody!!
  • Night outs are out – Gone are the days of crazy partying, unplanned movies, staying up late at friends’. Your outings will be less wild and more civil. Though your spirits are still sky high, your age doesn’t seem to agree with that. Suddenly the enthusiastic music that used to trigger the deadly dance moves earlier sounds a little too harsh now. You will look forward to your Zumba classes more than you look forward to that weekend party.
  • “Life” happens at 30, really. – Assuming that you have settled in your comfortable jobs and acquired all the materialistic stuff, you will now be troubled by real questions about “life”. Conversations at dinner time will be around “real happiness”. Forget the fact that a few years back, you thought movie date with your girlfriends was real happiness. Suddenly, “life that was and will be” becomes the eternal quest.

About the writer :-  Deepali Joshi Adhikary is a freelance writer/blogger/trainer. She has a diverse writing portfolio which spans from light-hearted humor to the issues affecting the society, her parenting challenges and reviews of books. She also has keen interest in andragogy as well as pedagogy and loves to work with different age groups. When she is not writing or training, she likes to read. Connect with her on @deepaliadhikary on twitter or visit her blog http://kolorpencil.com/

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