Adventures In Farland by Moshank Relia


About the Author : Moshank Relia is a graduate in English literature. His love for adventure, his deep affection for kids and his wide-ranging creative experiences drove him to write children’s fiction.

Blurb: Mira Rawat has heard tales of Farland all her life from her mother, who has described the magical place of gnomes, fairies, mermaids and animals, and especially its wondrous festival, the New Moon Party. Now, Mira has been informed by a man named Bushy that she has been invited by Princess Harmonica to attend the party. Bushy also uses a spell to turn her two friends, the mischievous and vexing boys, Bira and Vira, into rats so that they will not disturb the other party guests with their constant fighting and misbehaviour. At midnight, Mira, with Bira and Vira snuggled in her pocket, climbs Gunhill and is picked up by the pilot Starhead and flown in his plane to the party. However, the flight is cut short by a terrible wind, and Starhead is forced to land his plane near the Lost Forest. There, Mira discovers that Farland is in great jeopardy. Another Farland resident, Windman, has been generating great windstorms to prevent the Queen of Witches from reaching Dragon Hill. She intends to release the Dragon of Underhill, chained in its den beneath Dragon Hill, so that Farland will be burned and completely destroyed.

Review: I received the copy of “Adventure in Farland” by Moshank Relia by the author himself. Thank you so much. I grew up reading books and after few decades I read one written for kids. The excitement and escapade of these books are commendable.  The bright usage of colours with attractive graphics, won my attention. I got a feeling that I was reading work of Enid Blyton but as I was into few pages I realised that the story progressed into something only one of its kind. The story has glimpses of fairy tales in it. The book is the story of Mira Rawat and her friends Bira and Vira – the potbellied twins.  The story is very good read for kids where the author has not used any destructive language or difficult words which would make it a difficult read for kids. There are well good illustrations in the book. The book is clearly written with short sentences. Such books are great way to introduce children to new words and language structure which would help to build vocabulary.  The author’s imagination and wonderfully weaved creatures of Farland deserve appreciation. I found them to be very amusing and children would find it entertaining. The plot is gripping till the end. The book was an easy and short read, I wish it was long. The plot advances fast, though I must mention it does not prance any details that relate to the main subject matter. It is author Moshank Relia’s first book and I would like to read more of him. If you are someone who enjoys fiction relating to fantasy lands and magic this book is for you, you will surely love reading it.

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