January 3 2018

Importance of a New Year Resolution

Ho Ho Ho
Jingle Bells!! Jingle Bells!!
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh
With the fervour of Christmas, there comes an excitement of framing a New Year resolution. It reminds me of my blissful school days when my classmates and I were all eager to share our New Year resolutions with each other. Resolutions are firm decisions to attain or complete tasks in life. And, there is no better time than a New Year to make self promises and bring a positive change in one’s own life in the following year. A resolution can be subtracting a bad habit like quitting smoking, focusing on staying healthier by inculcating good eating habits and exercising, or attaining financial goals by targeting on possessing a new asset. The list is endless, varying from person to person.
 Life is a journey with uneven crests and troughs. The path becomes smoother when planned with well framed resolutions to achieve lifetime goals. No one is perfect in this world but we all want to work towards perfection and attain long term goals. Devising a structured approach at the start of the new year not only gives direction to goals but also makes one visionary for future goals. New hopes are the fuel for positivity in life. It keeps the life moving. As the famous poet Alfred Lord Tennyson rightly quoted in his verse Ulysses, “How dull it is to pause, to make an end, To rust unburnished, not to shine in use!”
In our modern world of ever-present social media and easy access to consumer products, there is often little space given to reflecting on the people and experiences that fill our lives with meaning and purpose. And there are reasons to worry about a collective decline in gratitude. One reason gratitude may prove so beneficial is that it plays a vital role in maintaining perceptions of meaning and purpose in life.

In a nutshell, framing resolutions leads to reinventing oneself, re-evaluating one’s choices and moving forward to gain newer experiences by shedding negativity from life. It is a self-illuminating experience to add novel and positive qualities to oneself and replacing the older and negative traits. They are the pavement to self-enlightenment and self-awakening by retrospecting into the acts, drawbacks and achievements of the previous year.  Whether you are looking for a New Year’s resolution for 2018 or not, considering the many personal and social benefits gratitude helps produce, working to appreciate all that is good in life, and sharing that feeling with others is a worthy endeavor.

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