January 10 2018

Reader’s Reviews & Tweets – Between The Pages

“Your words are as important to an author as an author’s words are to you.”

Those words may seem counter intuitive to you if you are a reader, but in our data-driven age, book reviews left by readers on Twitter, Amazon and Goodreads can make a huge difference in the success of an author.

(1) “The number of reviews helps authors get into promotional gold mines .”

(2) “Word on the street is that reviews help push our rankings on Amazon.”

(3) “Reviews make it easier for authors to get their books in indie bookstores.”

Getting book reviews is vital for me.  There are two main benefits to having your work reviewed: public presence and social credibility.  The crux of the matter is that when people are talking about you, it means your book publicity is working. Publicity helps increase book sales, and book reviews are one key way to make those sales happen.

Here are the links to the reviews of the eBook on short stories  on blogs, Goodread, Amazon and also Twitter. Thank you readers.

GoodreadsBetween The Pages

AmazonBetween The Pages


  1. Shamik
  2. Aparna
  3. Keerthi
  4. Dixita
  5. Rashi

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