February 26 2018

Worries of a Blogger

No blogger is perfect. I find myself worrying about how my blog looks, whether my content is appealing enough, or if I even like my blog way too many times. Right now I can say I am happy. Blogging is becoming very competitive these days because it is so common and becoming so popular globally. Every blogger will have its doubts whether they think their blog is good enough, successful enough, or even worth having a read through.

Running a blog involves a lot of interaction and promoting through social media and this can be very time consuming. I really don’t struggle to find time to sit down and dedicate some time to social media and engaging with followers and other bloggers but others may find it problematic. Social media is your main platform to getting your blog known and more popular so making sure you have a few hours a day to spend promoting your latest post on Twitter.

I am always pointing out things I want to change and comparing mine to others which is definitely something I should NOT be doing. I need to keep reminding myself that this blog is mine and it should reflect onto my personality. Just need to keep remembering your blog is YOURS and no blog is just like it.

I often find myself looking at blog templates on various websites and I need to stop because I’ve changed my blog layout one too many times. I love my template at the moment but I keep discovering cool layouts which I want, but they all come at heavy cost, sad times! I think I will want to have a big relaunch in the future but I am happy with my blog look right now, and I need to keep telling myself that.

What are your struggles being a blogger? Let us share and discuss.

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February 23 2018

Escaping Bad mood phase

Whenever I find myself in a bad mood, there are certain things that will instantly boost the mood. Some may give you some ideas for what you could do if you ever find yourself in a bad mood.

I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that music can change your mood quite instantly. Getting up, signing your heart out and having a little boogie can really boost that feeling, it does for me anyway.

Whether it’s learning something new or fixing up a DIY project, being productive can be a good distraction and get yourself focusing on other things. I love searching the internet for new things I can learn or create, Pinterest is the best for these sort of things.

Just a change of setting or an adventure in a new place you’re yet to discover. I love going out, exploring and finding new and beautiful places that happen to have been sitting on your doorstep all along.

Putting on your favourite movie is always a good move, especially if it’s a happy or funny film. Just relax and get cosy on the sofa, and watch one of favourites or a good series perhaps.

Something which you’ll often find me doing is going through old photos of my childhood, past holidays, or maybe just a memorable day I’ve had before. Nothing makes me more happy that looking through photos reminding me of my childhood.

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February 23 2018

Café- my way of life- #Superbloggerchallenge2018

One of the appealing things I have recently fallen in love is cafe culture. The fact that one can go and sit in one of these places for hours on end. People go and sit there working, reading, using their laptops and i-pads and most of them provide free wi-fi, eating, drinking, talking, socialising. They are places to meet, places to live- simply places to chill out. One can just sit happily for hours, watching the world go by. No mad waiter is there to tell you to leave and go once you have finished your eat.

I love Starbucks, warm, welcoming and they smell, ohh-so-good the roasted coffee, soft baked cakes, roasted cheese and just-out-of-the-oven bread and cakes. I like sitting there watching people out of the windows, curled up with a book, or just my thoughts.

Coffee shops occupy an important space in many of our lives because of their unique ability to fulfill so many of our needs in an atmosphere that suits our tastes and makes us feel like we belong. At their best, coffee shops are places that meet the needs of a community, while giving communities the space they need to get together.

When everybody is running short of time, these are the places where one can sit and relax and take a break from life. Where one can just be alone, but definitely not lonely. Where one can stop and smell the coffee and enjoy the munches.

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February 23 2018

Prem Purana by Usha Naryanan

Blog Tour by The Book Club of PREM PURANA by Usha Narayanan


Usha Narayanan
Blog Tour by The Book Club of PREM PURANA by Usha Narayanan
Stories of love and extraordinary devotion 
No one is untouched by love, not even devas and asuras, kings and nymphs. And when they face life’s unexpected tribulations, their love also undergoes trials. Read how Ganesha took myriad forms to please Riddhi, Siddhi and Buddhi, how Ravana shared an unbreakable bond with his true love, Mandodari and how Nala and Damayanti’s relationship was tested till almost nothing remained. 
Tormented by passion, wracked by betrayal, torn by the agony of separation, love in its many splendored forms is the origin of these incredibly endearing stories of Prem Purana. 
Ganesha stood with Brahma’s daughter Siddhi on the sacred soil of Kailasa, offering worship to the linga that Parvati had installed. He glanced at his companion’s proud face, knowing that he had embarked on a rough path in attempting to win her over. For now, however, he had to focus on his confrontation with Parasurama whom Shiva had blessed with his great axe.
Siddhi watched from a safe distance as Ganesha bowed to the warrior and requested him to wait until Shiva granted him permission to enter. But Parasurama angrily pushed him aside and strode towards the cave. Ganesha intercepted him, causing the angry warrior to raise his axe to threaten him.
Finding that his antagonist would not listen to mere words, Shiva’s son extended his trunk by many lengths and wound it around Parasurama 100 times. He then raised the warrior into the skies so that he could see the seven mountains, the seven oceans and the seven islands of the earth below him. Then he whirled him around and showed him all the lokas including Vaikunta, where Lord Vishnu presided on his lotus throne with Devi Lakshmi. With his yogic power, Shiva’s son granted Parasurama a vision of Goloka, the purest of realms, where blue-hued Krishna resided with Radha and his gopis.
After showing Parasurama how insignificant he was when compared to the primordial universe spanning endless time and space, Gajamukha dropped him gently on the ground outside Shiva’s cave. He smiled at Siddhi who stood dazed, clinging to a tree for support, as she too had been granted the supernal vision by Ganesha’s grace. She realized now that her cheerful friend was called Vakratunda not because of his crooked trunk, but because he was the one who straightened out the crooked.
Parasurama recovered from his stupor and saw that he was lying on the ground at Ganesha’s feet. Incensed by this humiliation, he sprang to his feet and took up his mighty axe. The parasu hurtled towards Ganesha with a deafening roar. Siddhi trembled, certain that her friend would not survive the dire power of his father’s weapon.
Strangely enough, Gajamukha made no attempt to counter Parasurama’s axe. Instead, he joined his hands in worship to the parasu and stood calmly as if reconciled to his death.
Siddhi heard a horrific crack as the parasu struck one of Ganesha’s tusks and severed it completely. It fell to the ground with a crash, smeared in blood, looking like a crystal mountain covered in red chalk. Shiva rushed out of the cave, followed by Parvati, who turned into fiery Durga when she saw that her son had been wounded. She discerned what had happened and raged at the warrior who stood before her with the axe that had returned to his hand.
‘O Parasurama!’ she said. ‘You may be learned and wise and the son of a great sage, yet you have allowed wrath to overcome you. You received your parasu from your guru, Shiva, but abused your gift by using it to wound his son. Ganesha, on the other hand, allowed the axe to sever his tusk due to his respect for his father’s weapon. What next will you do, Parasurama? Will you assail mighty Shiva himself? Presumptuous warrior! I curse you this day that though you are an avatara of my beloved Vishnu, no one on earth or heaven will ever worship you!’
Parasurama cowered before the angry goddess whose fury grew by the moment. ‘It is only due to Ganesha’s forbearance that you are still alive, for he can kill a hundred thousand Parasuramas in the blink of an eye,’ she said. ‘But I am unwilling to be so tolerant and will end your life today!’
Durga rushed towards him, with her trident aimed at his head. Parasurama stood unarmed and unresisting. He closed his eyes, joined his hands together and surrendered to Krishna.
‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya!’ Parasurama chanted, invoking his god with his last breath.
At once, Krishna appeared before him, lustrous and omnipotent, granting him protection with one raised hand. Durga stopped mid-stride and gazed at Krishna. Her wrath vanished, dissolving like mist in the light of the sun. A beatific smile adorned her face. She offered him a reverential welcome along with Shiva.
Krishna addressed them gently, a calm smile on his face. ‘I have come here to rescue my devotee,’ he said. ‘Though Parasurama has committed a grievous sin, I request you to forgive him, Parvati. He is your son too, for you are the divine mother, the refuge of all creation. As for you, Parasurama, you have to undertake a severe tapasya to attain forgiveness. Worship the Devi who animates the three realms in the form of the gentle Gauri and the fierce Durga. Seek the blessings of Ganesha who is now Ekadanta, the lord with one tusk.’
Having offered his counsel, the lord returned to Goloka. Parasurama prostrated himself before the gods and laid his axe at Ganesha’s feet in tribute. He then retreated to a distant mountain to begin his worship. Parvati took her son into her mansion, to coddle him after his fierce encounter.


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About the Author


Usha Narayanan had a successful career in advertising, radio and corporate communications before becoming a full-time author. Her bestselling novels span multiple genres: ‘The Madras Mangler’, a suspense thriller; ‘Love, Lies and Layoffs’ (Harlequin) and ’Doctor Stalker Spy’ (Juggernaut), lighthearted romances; ‘Pradyumna: Son of Krishna’, ‘The Secret of God’s Son’ and her latest ‘Prem Purana’ (all from Penguin) that have been praised as ‘Indian mythology at its fiercest and finest.’ Two new books are in the offing. When she is not travelling, writing or editing, Usha reads everything from thrillers and romances to the puranas.

Click here to check out all the titles by the author…

Praise for Usha’s books:
‘Like the best of our mythological tales, Pradyumna: Son of Krishna too is a multilayered one…There is valour, there is cowardice, there is glory, there is shame, there is sex, lies and deception.’
The Secret of God’s Son is a compelling read on mythological tales.’ – The Sentinel


Prem Purana is so good! I am impressed at how Usha can write about Ganesha with so much personality while at the same time showing him as a cosmic divine being. ’ Dr Laura Gibbs, Professor, Indian Epics, University of Oklahoma 
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February 22 2018

What’s The Point In Blogging?

I’m currently the busiest I have ever been in my life. 14th year is no joke: not only stressful but time consuming. But, despite that I’ve still been uploading a blog post a day. I’ve came to the conclusion that blogging is extremely important to me. It can be a bit of a misunderstood hobby and to some it may seem a waste of time. But I’m adamant that blogging has lots of bonuses!

I’ve always been a reader and when I was younger I was a keen writer as well. Writing my blog is just an extension of my love of both reading and writing. Blogging shows an ability to write to a different audience.

My self-confidence has improved dramatically. When I first started blogging I didn’t really expect it to go very far. I remember hitting 50 followers and thinking that is was the coolest thing in the world! a few years later I have a combined social media following of about 3000.  That’s pretty crazy! Knowing that so many people have put their trust and confidence into wanting to hear what I’ve got to say has been a pretty big factor in improving my self-confidence. I’m 10 times the person I was when I started my blog and I think it’s really helped me to be more confident when I’m speaking. When writing a personal blog like this, it’s really easy to start viewing other bloggers and readers as your friends. I’ve made some wonderful friends through writing that I’ve met either through events or organising meet ups ourselves. I’ve been blogging for almost 14 years now and I’ve blogged about some pretty important things in my life. One day it’s going to be really interesting to look back on these posts (and maybe a little cringe). A lifestyle blog is essentially a big online diary (although thankfully not as horrendously embarrassing as some of my preteen diaries which I hope never see the light of day again). Life is busy but my love for blogging means it won’t get left behind. I’ve just got to keep on keeping on.

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February 21 2018

Finding Her Way by Ruchi Vasudeva.

Book Blitz: Finding Her Way - An Indian Girl's dilemma by Ruchi Vasudeva


Book Blitz: Finding Her Way - An Indian Girl's dilemma by Ruchi Vasudeva
Print Length: 16 pages
Publication Date: February 12, 2018
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English
Available on Kindle Unlimited 
Genre: Short Story 



What does marriage mean for an Indian girl? Whether she marries for love or by arrangement, she’s forced to obey unreasonable demands. But she also wants to live her life on her own terms.

Avni is such a girl. When the man she loves and cares for wholeheartedly, throws her a curve ball, she chooses to walk away. What comes next for Avni?

It would be great if you can add this book to your TBR

About Ruchi Vasudeva in her own words:
I’m a doctor by profession, a teacher by vocation and an author by destiny. The writing bug has long resided in me and a contest held by Harlequin for Indian authors gave me a golden opportunity to have my dream realized. I debuted in August ’13 with my book ‘Bollywood Fiancé For A Day’. I write romantic fiction with conflicted characters who come into their own in their quest of reaching out for love. I love to write about spirited heroines getting hurtled out of their daily life as soon as they cross paths with their rather challenging heroes. 
I keep busy juggling writing with my medical job and family life with my doctor husband and two wiser-than-thou teens. When not bent double over the laptop, I might be found with my nose in books or munching nachos at the movies or glued to the telecast of Team India or Chennai Super Kings in action. Sometimes I drag myself for walks and surprisingly discover they are rather good for brewing story ideas! 
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