The Inheritors: Stories of Entrepreneurship and Success

Blurb : Why did Harsh Mariwala leave his family business? What made the entire Dabur management to quit one day? How did Dhingra brothers turn a suffering business in to India’s second largest paints company? This is a fascinating behind the scenes look into what goes behind brands like Marico, Dabar, Keventers, Berger Paints, Select Group, Max Group and many others. The book focuses on the culture, family politics, business rivalries between and within families, ego battles and a lot more. Plus there are the inheritors themselves who sometimes take the business to great heights and during others, lead to its doom.

About the author: Sonu Bhasin is a senior banker with close to three decades of experience. Previously she has held senior roles, like COO Tata Capital, Group President Yes Bank and President Axis Bank. She is now serves on the board of companies like Vodafone Mobile Services, Mahindra First Choice and Whirlpool India. She is the founder of boutique consultancy firm Families and Businesses (FAB).

Review: Thank you WritersMelon for sending me a copy the book for review. This is my first non-fiction book of 2018 and I never heard about author Sonu Bhasin before. when I first read the title I thought it is a guide book on business but as I went into reading, I realised this is not a guide to start your own business but stories of what happened and is happening in the leading family businesses of our country – India. Author Sonu Bhasin has covered all the big names – from Amit Burman of Dabur and Lite Bite foods, Harsh Mariwala of Marico, Berger Paints – the Dhingras, Motilal Oswal Group’s Ramdeo Agrawal, Keventers group’s Dalmia, Max Group, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas to Luxor group. The book gives us the readers, the extraordinary details of the hard work and great efforts of these individuals who faced much more than we can imagine taking their ventures to the heights of success notwithstanding the apparently undefeatable face ups with problems. The book presents an enthralling record of the culture, family politics and business oppositions within the families that otherwise looks so close knit for the public. I have a management background academically and this book was like a lesson (re-reading/studying) on business management subjects with the interviews and tales of some of the most successful family businesses owners in India. Being a budding entrepreneur for me this book will remain forever (may be a text book) as a close one in my collection, to understand that while acceding to a business might provide a head start, it is only through skills and capability that an person turns proficient to earn commendable victories. I applaud author Sonu Bhasin for her book – The Inheritors. If you are from business management background or have vast interest in start ups, this book is a must for you. Reading it with a business mind will make it easy to take in the content. Business to business works in a different way and how it is done is what this book highlights the best. Every inheritor(s) began business from the down, from the scrape and took years long of commitment and dedication to their work to reach this heights of accomplishments – this has been explained well in the book through the lives of big business names of India. The book went well with me and I wish author Sonu Bhasin good luck for next writing ventures.

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