Letter to my unborn child

Disclaimer: I am not pregnant and I am not married. This is just the end of a lot of personal thoughts I’ve had on growing up, being a woman, and caring for another human being.

Dear Future baby,

On every Mother’s day, I wish my mother and in secret I wish myself on your behalf.  I often imagined what it would feel like to carry you in my belly, to experience morning sickness and weight gain you would bring in me and to openly celebrate your entry into this world through me.

I have decided on your name, because I don’t want you to be nameless for 4 years like me. I don’t want anyone to fight on deciding your name like your grandparents did when I was born. If you are a girl child, like my name, your name will be with R. If you happen to be a boy child, your name will start with H.

I will be your crying shoulder, punching bag, mentor, buddy, coach, and your biggest fan apart from being the best mom. When you ask me how they built the pyramids I want to be able to tell you, if you ask me about the wonders and mysteries of this world I will be able to tell you about them. For, I want to be your Wikipedia.

I have not met your father yet, but I am sure he is around, working hard for both of us so that we will not have to worry about money and other basic necessities of life. Whenever you will arrive, your father and I will give you a wonderful life.

At night, you’ll hear “I love you” from me and your father. Every morning you will get to see my smiling face and soft voice waking you up. When you try new things, I’ll tell you to take chances, to go for it, to trust yourself. I will never pull you back from experiments. I never celebrated my birthday, your dad and I will make your birthday a big day. Whether you’re 1 or 25, there will be balloons and cake of your choice. You may love that or feel even cheesy, but when you look back on birthdays past, you will realise how best your parents were.

I shall make a library at home for us. Occasionally we will allow your dad to pick a book from our collection to read. I want you to discover the best from English and also regional literature. I wish to give you a life filled with words and books and imagination and the space to be as creative as you want to be – your mom is a reader, writer and an author.

We will be an active family – there will be after-dinner walks and Sunday fun. I loved sports as a kid and I will make you a sportsperson. You can pick your game. I can teach you how to ride a bicycle, but riding a bike and driving a car – your dad will have to teach this (I really hope he does it), because I can’t ride/drive. I want to share my love for pop culture, movies and music, travelling, food, art and theatre with you.

When you have a bad day, I will listen, give you room to breathe and when you get angry or really, in-your-bones mad, I will try to understand and tolerate your temper as I have lots of patience.  From day one your father and I will do everything that we can to make our bonding special with you. I will be honest with you, even when it’s hard, but I will protect you. When there’s something you need to know, I’ll tell it to you straight.

I will celebrate what makes you different. I want your weirdness shine. I will mark the major moments as they come, to take pictures and fill out scrapbooks with milestones of your life. It’s important to acknowledge the little things.

Your father and I will love you in all its best forms. I’ll love you and your dad with all my heart. With words and actions we will say it, show it and make you feel it. A love of your parents so big that it fills you up, that it makes you feel safe and lucky to be our child. I can’t wait to meet you.

Love you already,

Mom….and dad

This post has been written for as a part of #ChatterPrompts’ 

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