March 16 2018

Happiness and Me

Do I want to be happy? The answer is obvious, I want that feeling. In addition, I would also like to feel loved, appreciated, and valued. I have the same basic human needs and the desire to feel fulfilled in these areas is a normal part of my emotional makeup.

Yes, I deserve to be happy because I am alive and kicking. Not in the classic sense but in a biological fashion. I am built in a way to use happiness as a tool to assess the world that environs me. It’s in my genes, in my nature, to be happy.  Happiness is at the core of my experiences – it is as unintelligible to deny myself the feeling as it is to deny the practice of eating or sleeping or breathing. Happiness is a vital part of my survival.

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Yes, I deserve to be happy because my pain is not useful to anyone. The more I grieve and suffer, the less I grow, and the less I connect. When I am miserable, I shrink into the second-rate versions of myself. When I am happy, I thrive. I love to burn brightly enough to light up those around me, and my life takes on a stronger, more consequential rationale.

Yes, I deserve to be happy because I am not my past. I am not the choices I made or the chances I took when I didn’t know better than to take them. I deserve to be happy because the past cannot be distorted but the future’s still wide open. There are a thousand better roads left to walk down. I deserve to be happy because the people who have made the most errors have the greatest ability to warn others away from those mistaken paths.

Yes, I deserve to be happy because there is no sense in not being myself. The more I hide, the more I shake, the more I run away into the hushed recesses of existence, the more I deny the world the power that’s within me. And the world deserves that power. It deserves the encouragement of people who come alive through what they hope for. The world doesn’t need people half-fulfilling someone else’s dream: It needs people who are fully embodying their own and I want to belong to this group.

Yes, I deserve to be happy because the voice in my head is telling me otherwise is fear. And fear has no notion of the exactness. The truth is that happiness wants me– in all of my flawed, defective splendour. It wants me to come as I am, leave my baggage at the door and take a chance on becoming more myself – the version that I have always been too terrified to be. I deserve to be happy because happy people make their lives substance – and what else can I ask for than that.

I find the positive things in life everywhere I seem to be. I can always find motivation to be happy. I do good things and try to help others, too. By making others happy, I know that I deserve great happiness as well. I know what I want and I am willing to take the required actions to make it happen. Today, I am looking for even more reasons to be happy. No matter what the world has told me, I deserve to be happy.

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  1. By Varsha Bagadia on

    For anything to be true we have to first believe it is true. Happiness is easiest to achieve and the hardest to seek out. By keeping ourselves open to its magic can we truly feel happy from inside.

  2. By Surbhi Prapanna on

    Excellent post, and very well written, yes! we all deserved to be happy, and mostly it is all depend on how we react to our life’s situations. #superbloggerchallenge2018

  3. By Ms Arora on

    Happiness lies in our thoughts , the moment we decide to be happy; we start feeling happy.

  4. By zainab on

    Its good to hunt out for the positivites in life. Helps us grow more and better.

  5. By Christie Hawkes on

    Beautifully said. Thank you. We all deserve happiness, and as you pointed out, the world is better served by our happiness than our misery. I found your post on the Bloggers Pit Stop and have shared on social media.

  6. By Sitharaam Jayakumar on

    I like the way you have brought out the fact that a human being has a right to happiness just the way he has a right to eat and sleep. Happiness is a natural craving and all of us deserve to be happy. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

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