March 19 2018

A to Z Challenge Theme One – Reveal

What is April A to Z Blog Challenge?

Every April, bloggers from all over the world participate in the April A to Z blog challenge, and you can too! To play along, all you do is make a blog post for each letter of the alphabet during April, then use the blog hop link to visit as many other bloggers as you can.

This will be my 3rd year in a row doing the A to Z blog challenge. I keep coming back because it’s so lively and fun! Plus, it’s a great way to find interesting new blogs to read.

The A to Z Theme Reveal was created to rev up interest before the challenge started. On a certain day (this year it’s March 19) A to Z bloggers are invited to post what their April theme will be.

My 2018 A to Z Theme is “Microfiction”.

As Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Which translated into modern language means, “Everyone should write and read microfiction.”

It’s a subset of flash fiction—those super short stories typically told in 1,000 words or less. Definitions vary, but for the most part, microfiction is any story told in 300 words or less, and could even be as short as a few words. Microfiction’s appeal to the modern reader is not surprising when considering the average adult’s attention span isn’t much longer than the time it takes to click a mouse or tap a touch screen, right?

Good stories come in all shapes and sizes—all lengths and forms. If a novel can be thought of as a ten course meal, and a short story as an excellent deli-sandwich. A microfiction piece might be an exquisite chocolate truffle. All are food. All are enjoyable. But they’re each very different. Microfiction is a scrumptious, bite-sized nugget of a story. It packs big flavor and satisfaction into a small package. As a writer, microfiction forces you to really look at your prose and determine what’s essential and what isn’t; what’s redundant and what isn’t. Honing these skills on microfiction can make your short story and novel-length prose that much sharper, but it’s also an art form of its own—a different medium for expression—as different from shorts stories as short stories are from novels. It’s fun to explore different story-telling media, and some writers find that microfiction is their medium of choice.

I can tell you from personal experience that writing blog posts with a theme in mind makes the challenges go much more smoothly for me. My goal for the month of April is to meet as many new bloggers as possible, visit old friends, stay acquainted with friends I’ve made from past challenges while visiting and encouraging new challengers. I can only do that with a game plan.

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About the Author

I write a lot, which keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. There is always something to write about, always a new story to craft. Not writing, for me, is like trying to hold back a sneeze. Learning to write was the most powerful influence in my life. I can still remember the awe I felt when I realized I could put real words onto paper and tell out a story. From that first ‘a-ha’ moment I knew I wanted to write.


  1. By Random Musings on

    I love writing these really short stories – I love how challenging they are. Can’t wait to read them

  2. By shipra trivedi on

    Hi, once I took part in a super micro fiction activity limited to 100 words only and I failed so badly. So I am looking forward to your blogs to learn how to write micro fiction. All the best.

  3. By Medha Nagur on

    I am doing fiction too for AtoZ challenge. Micro-fiction is something I would like to keep the tab of! I look forward to reading yours. All the best.

  4. By Archana on

    Two themes! That requires superhuman effort! Wow!! Looking forward to your posts 🙂

  5. By Shamik on

    Your theme sounds interesting Romila. Looking forward to read your posts on A to Z challenge.

  6. By Shilpa Gupte on

    I just read about you on the Twitter chat and came rushing to your blog to find out more about you. You are one amazing woman, Romila! Your theme sounds interesting, and the fact that you are doing the A to Z on two blogs feels mind-blowing!

    Wish you the very best! Looking forward to visiting you all of April! 🙂

  7. By Vasantha Vivek on

    Oh… You are doing with two themes this year. Great. Both your themes are a good choice. Looking forward to reading your posts. All the very best.

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