April 16 2018

Coffee conversations with Ruchik


Right now, at this very moment, the world of social media is as busy as it’s ever been. To no surprise, the increasingly large volume of posts, tweets, pins and stories brings with it a lot of noise and fun.

In an effort to help others find the real value and connect with those creating it, yours truly Novemberschild has put together a new series on the blog – featuring some of the interesting and famous faces of Social Media who are really my close and very good friends.

This week’s featured interview is RUCHIK

In his words – Trained as a Social Sector Manager. Discovered that it wasn’t paying too well as I wanted my “job” (for the want of any other word) to be. Didn’t have the guts to get into something like theatre full time. Didn’t have the skills to be an entrepreneur. And so I plunged into corporate world. I do cherish dreams of doing a whole lot of other things, someday, somehow. Want to get back to theatre. Want to learn (at least) one instrument. Want to do photography. (Do dabble in photography a bit – primarily experimentative.) So why am I subjecting you all to this useless litany? Well, for one thing, I would love to meet more people on the same wavelength. And two, this is actually a veiled attempt at vending my skills. 

Let’s get into it.

Novemberschild: Describe one of your colossal failures.

Ruchik: Leaving a job without one in hand and then for 4 years not working thereafter. 

Novemberschild: Which is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Ruchik: RUM / VODKA

Novemberschild: What crime have you considered committing?

Ruchik: MURDER

Novemberschild: Describe a moment you were so embarrassed you wanted to disappear.

Ruchik: As a kid I was too shy and introvert kinds. In a fancy dress competition I was made a shepherd and all I had to do was to say haat haat to imaginary cows and goats. When I went up the stage, looked up and saw ppl watching me and couldn’t utter a single word. Embarrassing was when the entire audience said haat haat on behalf of me – or was it to me. 😛

Novemberschild: What’s the best sound in the world?

Ruchik: Mum waking up in the morning – either with love or with anger. 

Novemberschild: What’s your unanswerable question–the question you seem to always be asking yourself?

Ruchik: What am I doing with myself?

Novemberschild: Do you think sex is overrated? If yes, why?

Ruchik: No – Not really.

Novemberschild: What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Ruchik: Sext with multiple girls at the same time

Novemberschild: Have you ever had a one-night stand?

Ruchik: Yes

Novemberschild: Do you have any fetishes you’ve never mentioned?

Ruchik: Nah – Have not thought about it

Stay up to date with Ruchik via Twitter & Instagram. 

Thank you Ruchik

If you wish to be featured in this series, you can drop me an email or get in touch on Twitter. I shall be really happy to make you part of this. You don’t have to be a blogger/writer/reader, but make sure you are an awesome personality.

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