The Story of a Long-Distance Marriage

Blurb: Rohan and Ira’s life takes an unexpected turn when Ira decides to leave for New York to study. They’ve been married for only fifteen months, but this is the opportunity of a lifetime, and Rohan is not going to come between his wife and her dream. So, sad but supportive, he stays back in Delhi, where he is on the brink of a promotion at a national daily. After all, his relationship with Ira is strong enough to survive the distance. Rohan prepares for a year without Ira, getting by with a little help from his friends: Yusuf, his on-call confidant who lives in Bangalore; Alisha, a colleague he likes catching up with over tea; and Tanuj, his new role model at work. Life without Ira is going surprisingly well. Until the day, that is, she reveals the real reason she left.

About the author: Siddhesh Inamdar is a writer and editor. He studied English Literature at St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, and Delhi University, and journalism at the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. He worked with The Hindu, DNA and Hindustan Times and is now in publishing. He lives in Delhi with his wife, daughter and cats.

Review: As someone who strongly believes in love and marriage, the idiosyncratic title, an inexplicable blurb and an absolutely cute bright cover grabbed all my attention to read this book. It was my perfect over the weekend reading. The book turned out to be lock, stock and barrel different from my best guess and I was amiably amazed. Marriages constantly look complex despite the fact they are not and it is people who unnecessarily make it complex and problematic. When some problem arrives, before thinking about solution, people start playing the blame game and treat it with an egoistic approach. This makes us lose ourselves, our spouse, breaks the relationship. The story incarcerates the feebleness of affairs well. I found the story to be rare, fond and deep. I have noticed that communication is ignored aspect in relationships. Being able to talk your heart out to your partner is uncommon. The Story of a Long Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar throws light on the importance of making people feel loved, not merely by money and gifts but by presence and support. The story is about Rohan and Ira and their unanticipated stop the progress in their marriage when Ira moves to New York to pursue her studies. Rohan is a loving husband, who stands by Ira and her decision. He stays back in Delhi with his dog Momo. He confides to his old friend Yusuf and an office colleague Aisha. Life is downy until one day truth hits him and he finds out the true cause behind Ira moving out. For a change this was not a truism campus romance but very pragmatic. The writing style is articulate with simple language which connects you like a real life telling. I strongly suggest to all people to read this book, whether you are in a relationship or not. This one makes you understand the slenderness of relationships remarkably very well.

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