That deviant sensation
Those eccentric talks
That ravaging ignorance
Those unuttered locutions

Life was all upside down
Those agitations were coming along
Trying to figure out
What’s going wrong

Both were perturb
Both were squalling
Asking one another
For second shot before cessation

Wanted to pretermit every clanger
Covet to saunter together in sprinkle
None were delighted with that
But nothing work in the end

They were shattered
They felt victimized
Some bad reminiscence
And their armour propre

They brawled to safeguard their love
They strive for a revival
They tried to vanquish
Every situation they faced

Their peregrination was beautiful
But the end was barbarous
Everything ceased
With their severance

All those endeavors
Failed to shield
Their incessant relationship
That love
Those vows


About the Guest Writer – Neha Siddhwani is based in India. Reincarnating Reminiscence is what she tries to do.  She is a Fashionista who is Vocab freak and when she is done writing or with playing with words, reading something good provides inner peace to her. She can be contacted on Twitter and Instagram.


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